How To Add GrooveMail Form To GrooveBlog Post & Change The Button Color

Wrapping up the last video in the GrooveMail Tutorial series for 2022…

This article is for all the Groove bloggers who want to add a GrooveMail form to a GrooveBlog post.

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Adding GrooveMail Form To GrooveBlog Video Tutorial

Here’s an overview of the process involved:

  1. Create a GrooveMail form, list and tag
  2. Locate the GrooveMail form you want to embed
  3. Grab the raw HTML code from GrooveMail
  4. Open up a GrooveBlog post
  5. Click on the + button and select the code symbol
  6. Paste in your GrooveMail form’s HTML code.

I won’t be adding step-by-step images in this article as this training builds on from previous articles.

Watch the video below to implement this correctly:


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