Connect & Publish a SUBDOMAIN On Via Cloudflare (When You Have An Existing Website)

If you have an existing WordPress website on your root domain and want to create a subdomain to connect to Groove, then this article is for you.

For example, on – I have a WordPress website on the root domain.

I want to keep this WordPress website in tact and just create a subdomain like:

  • for GroovePages
  • for GrooveMember
  • for GrooveBlog etc

This involves creating a Cloudflare account, adding C name records for GroovePagesGrooveMember and GrooveBlog in order for SSL to be enabled.

Let’s dive right in.

Connect A Subdomain To Groove Via Cloudflare Tutorial Update

I recommend watching the video below first as it will walk you through step by step of what’s involved.

It’s a bit technical and is best explained on video however feel free to follow along with the text version below.

1. Add Your Subdomain To

  • Login to your Groove account
  • Head to my account > domains > custom domains and click on “Manage”
  • Click “Add Domain button”
  • In step 1: choose “Legacy Domain Setup” (This is for existing website with important content on it that cannot be overwritten. This will protect current domains and subdomains and will allow you to add on additional subdomain)
  • Note: For enabling SSL on subdomains, you need to use either Cloudflare or purchase SSL certificate through Groove.

Which means before you move to step 2 of the legacy domain setup, you’ll need to create a Cloudflare account.

Cloudflare will allow you to enable SSL on your subdomain and this means all future DNS records will need to be added on Cloudflare.

Signing up to Cloudflare is self explanatory – just go through the sign up process, verify your account and login.

2. Login to Cloudflare

  • Once you’re logged in to Cloudflare, click “add a domain”
  • Enter in your domain: whole domain name)
  • Scroll down and select the “free plan” on the bottom, click “continue”
  • Cloudflare will scan all your DNS records from your hosting provider and click continue
  • You will be given instructions to login to your domain registry and remove your existing name servers from your hosting provider and replace it with the 2 name servers provided by Cloudflare
replace with Groove name servers
  • My domain registry is with Porkbun however yours could be on Godaddy, Namecheap etc. Login to your domain registry and replace it with Groove’s name servers.
add Groove's nameservers to domain registry
  • Cloudflare will provide configuration recommendations:
    • enable always use https
    • enable auto minify
    • click “back to overview”
  • Now it may a few hours for Cloudflare’s name servers to propagate so while you’re waiting, head to step 2 of Groove custom domain setup

3. Step 2 Onwards Of Groove Legacy Domain Setup

  • In step 2: under “Which domain would you like to add?”
    • Enter in your domain name i.e. – the full URL (not subdomain)
  • In step 3: Connect your custom domain to Groove by adding a txt record to your DNS manager. Since you updated your name servers to Cloudflare, your DNS manager is now Cloudflare:
    • copy the txt value given to you by Groove as per the image below
groove's txt record and add to cloudflare
  • Head back into Cloudflare and click on the “DNS” tab
    • Add a txt record
    • name: enter in @
    • TTL: leave at auto
    • content: paste in txt record groove-verification=exxxxxxx
    • Press Save
  • Head back to Groove legacy domain setup, Click “next”
  • In Step 4: You will see “Domain Added Successfully” and click on “Complete Process”
  • Now you want to click on the “home button” icon and set the primary app as GroovePages
home button on custom domains
  • Once you set GroovePages as the main app, GroovePages icon will be activated with a color and underline.

Create A Subdomain & Connect GroovePages

  • Click on Groovepages icon and the pencil icon:
    • Click on + button to add a subdomain
    • For example, you want a subdomain name of “get” to build out landing pages and funnels on GroovePages
    • type in “get” and click on the check button
    • There will be a note to create a c name record pointed to
Add subdoman to GroovePages 1
  • To create the c name record, head back into Cloudflare and click on the “DNS: tab
  • Add a c name record:
    • Select c name
    • name: get
    • TTL: leave at auto
    • target:
    • Leave proxy status enabled (orange cloud color)
    • Press save
_c name record for subdomain on Groovepages
  • Click on “Overview” tab on Cloudflare to see if Groove’s name servers have been propagated.
  • If you see “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site” – that means your SSL is now enabled on your GroovePages Subdomain.
  • Head to your GroovePages site, under the “Publish” pink button, select the following:
    • In hosting options: select “custom domain”
    • Domain: select your root domain
    • Location: select “subdomain”
    • Subdomain: your subdomain name will appear for seletion
    • Click on the cloud icon to publish the entire site
GroovePages publishing options for subdomain

You’re Done!

Please watch the remaining video tutorial from timestamp 07:29 on what to do when you have Cloudflare enable through your existing hosting provider.

Plus how to connect and publish a subdomain on GrooveMember and GrooveBlog.

It’s the same process of adding a c name however the value provided by Groove will be different for GrooveMember and GrooveBlog.

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