GrooveFunnels Review: The No B.S. Review From Someone Who USES It

Aimee Vo

My name is Aimee Vo, I upgraded to Groovefunnels over 23 months ago and it’s been one heck of a ride.

This review is written by someone who uses the Groovefunnels platform and is trusted by the community.

Aimee's trusted groove expert

Here’s more unsolicited feedback from people who just want to give back:

I was once in your position, searching for transparent information on whether GrooveFunnels was right for me and worth the investment.

This is a very long post so make use of the table of contents below to jump to the sections that are relevant to you.

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My Experience of Using GrooveFunnels To Date

First, some backstory because it wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning.

Back in April 2020, I was searching for an all-in-one platform to run my online business.

That’s when I stumbled upon GrooveFunnels (aka Groove).

My first few months of using Groove was frustrating and buggy as hell.

There were only three apps available in early 2020: GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

Those three apps were buggy and required continuous updates from Groove’s developers.

Every review I read online was either hyping up the platform or presenting features that was not yet available.

It was extremely frustrating, I would spend hours configuring an app only to have it break!

So I decided to share workarounds on how to setup Groove properly on Youtube.

And because there were new apps and updates rolled out every month, Groove’s training quickly became outdated.

I was so close to tossing Groove in the ‘too hard’ basket and just parking it until it came out of BETA.

But towards January 2021, things started to change…

Bugs Were Ironed Out Quickly, New Features & More Apps Added…

The Groove digital team started listening to their customers and hired more developers to iron out bugs quickly.

  • They began adding direct integration with other Groove apps like GrooveSell, GrooveMember, GrooveMail etc
  • They posted the latest bug fixes and updates to the community
  • They added more new features and unannounced apps on both the free and paid plans.

So instead of releasing an app that was buggy….

Groove focused more on quality and would release an app ONLY when it was fully functional.

It’s now May 2022 and Groove has grown into a BEAST of a platform.

There are now nine fully functional apps and bugs rarely happen.

Looking back, it was a big gamble being an early adopter of a new platform but I don’t regret it.

Here’s why:

  • I locked in a lower price
  • Got 25,000 emails contacts on GrooveMail (email marketing)
  • And more future apps than I could ever imagine

With a bit of patience and perseverance, I’ve already made back my investment on GrooveFunnels.

The company went through MAJOR teething pains in the first two years and whilst it was frustrating early on, these setbacks were temporary.

The whole user interface has completely changed with new features added on a weekly basis.

Because I continually test the apps on my Youtube Channel, I can say without a doubt that….

YES, you can start and run your online business on Groove even on the free plan.

GrooveFunnels: Who Is It For?

Groovefunnels is a complete marketing and sales system.

With over 17+ marketing apps under one roof, it’s suitable for almost any business.

The Groovefunnels Pro Plan gives you access to all apps, however the free account has a tonne of value too.

If you need a website, email marketing, membership site, eCommerce, webinars, sales management and affiliate software, then GrooveFunnels is for YOU.

Here are some businesses that can benefit from using Groovefunnels:

  • Local business owners
  • Niche bloggers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Course creators
  • Marketing agencies
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Membership site owners
  • Digital product creators
  • Website developers
  • Sales funnel builders
  • Graphic designers
  • Email marketing specialists
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Joint Venture specialists
  • Webinar organizers
  • ANY online entrepreneur

If you or your clients require marketing tools to sell products and services online – then GrooveFunnels can help you do that.

GrooveFunnels: Who Is It Not For?

Whilst Groove can integrate with third party apps through webhooks and APIs, it is not suitable for companies requiring large database queries and detailed client reporting at this stage.

Having said that, I’ve worked with marketing teams that use funnel builders like Groove to create micro websites for promotional campaigns.

In that case, using GrooveFunnels can be beneficial as you can build out websites and landing pages quickly without interfering with the corporate website.

What Apps Are Available On Groove’s Platform?

1. GroovePages

A drag and drop page, website and sales funnel builder that allows you to create complete full menu websites, landing pages and sales funnels within one custom domain.

GroovePages pros and cons

GroovePages Pros:

  • Unlimited websites and sales funnels.
  • Unlimited custom domain integration.
  • Easy to use, drag and drop editor.
  • Professional designed blocks and elements for websites and landing page designed.
  • Pre-designed websites, landing page and funnel templates so you don’t need to start from scratch.
  •  Images are optimized into a webP format to create smaller and richer images for fast website loading time.
  • SEO Friendly elements and sitemaps.
  • Enable popups and create megamenus.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting.
  • Unlimited ShareFunnels.
  • Unlimited features on the Pro Plan.

GroovePages Cons:

  • An array of styling and formatting options can be overwhelming but great for designers who like to control every element.

GroovePages Conclusion:

As a website, landing page and funnel building software, GroovePages is at par with ClickFunnels and Kartra (if not better).

GroovePages went from slow and clunky to super fast and easy to use in 2022.

For those just getting started, the free plan represents great value.

You can add 1 custom domain and host up to 25 pages for free on the free plan.

If you’re used to using ClickFunnels and Kartra, then you’ll be familiar with the drag and drop editor interface so it won’t take you long to get up and running.

You can connect and publish your own custom domains and get a SSL certificate via Groove without having to create a Cloudflare account.

However, if you already have a website on your root domain like I do, then you can create a subdomain and connect your custom domains via Cloudflare.

The ability to create unlimited websites and funnels on the lifetime plan makes it a good long term investment as pricing for builders start at $197/month and more.

GroovePages alone as a sales funnel builder is worth upgrading to the paid plan.

I would say sign up to the free account, test it and you’ll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to use.

ALTERNATIVE TO: ClickFunnels (Save $3564/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional

2. GrooveSell

A shopping cart, powerful sales management and affiliate management platform and powerful sales management designed to help you sell MORE digital products and services. 

Groovesell pros and cons

GrooveSell Pros:

  • Build custom checkout and order forms with different price points and layouts.
  • Flexible pricing options: set one-time payments, recurring billing, payment instalments, recurring instalments and enable trial period before billing.
  • Create upsells, OTOs, down-sells and pre and post order bumps!
  • Connect to PayPal, Stripe, GroovePay and other popular payment gateways without paying additional fees (lifetime members get more payment gateway options).
  • Create affiliate programs when you’re setting up your products.
  • Set multiple currencies not just USD – over 20+ currencies available.
  • Create coupons and discount codes for products.
  • Reporting of sales, refunds, re-bills etc
  • Export customer contacts and emails in csv file.
  • Included in free and paid plans.

GrooveSell Cons:

  • Looks complicated to setup but watch my GrooveSell Tutorial on Youtube – it’s to the point especially when you don’t have time for a 2 hour Groove training.

GrooveSell Conclusion:

Can’t complain much with GrooveSell because it’s Free regardless of whether you’re on the Free or paid plan.

ThriveCart offers similar features for a one-time price of $495.

You really can’t get a full fledged shopping cart, sales and affiliate management platform these days without paying some sort of fee.

Major players like Clickbank, SamCart, JVZoo & PayKickStart are either charging a monthly price or a percentage commission on your sales.

GrooveSell is completely free with $0 setup fees, $0 monthly fees and $0 transaction fees.

You also get to list your products in Groove’s marketplace (like a mini Clickbank).

You as a vendor you can leverage the marketplace by listing your products and attract an army of affiliates.

GrooveSell gets a big thumbs up from me and your free account comes with the full edition of GrooveSell and lifetime upgrades.

ALTERNATIVE TO: SamCart (Save $2388/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

3. GrooveAffiliate

A cloud based affiliate management platform that allows you to create your own affiliate programs for digital and physical products with advanced affiliate tracking.

GrooveAffiliate review pros and cons

GrooveAffiliate Pros:

  • Create unlimited affiliate programs
  • Create affiliate promotional tools like email swipes, blog reviews, articles, banners for your affiliates
  • Create dedicated landing pages and sales funnels to test your sales page’s EPCs and conversions.
  • Allows affiliates to add their own bonuses an capture email leads.
  • Create affiliate leaderboards for launches.
  • See affiliate statistics, email affiliates and track your top affiliate’s performance.
  • Assign higher commission rates for top performing affiliates.
  • In-depth reporting of all transactions, sub affiliates, earning reports and payment history.
  • Included in free and lifetime deal.

GrooveAffiliate Cons:

  • Reporting interface can be improved
  • Manual affiliate payouts (payment syncs will be coming soon with GrooveSell Plus)

GrooveAffiliate Conclusion:

One of the things I like most about GrooveAffiliate is that your affiliates get access to advanced features that you won’t find in marketplaces like ClickBank.

For example, your affiliates can issue their own bonuses delivery inside the interface and drop their advertising conversion pixel or tag on the order confirmation page.

Yes, they can add their own conversion cookie (but you can turn those features off too).

This is a game changer because most of the time, affiliates are flying blind without knowing if their traffic is converting or not.

By listing your products in their Groove Marketplace, you instantly tap into their 500,000 user base and have people signing up to your affiliate program and making sales.

What I don’t like?

Affiliate payouts aren’t automated and they can improve the affiliate reporting area where you don’t have to keep scrolling to the right to see data.

ALTERNATIVE TO: TapAffiliate (Save $1788/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

4. GrooveMail

An email marketing, autoresponder and marketing automation platform.Build your email list, send out email marketing campaigns and automate IF & THEN triggers between Groove apps.

Groovemail automation

GrooveMail Pros:

  • Add up to 500 contacts on the free plan.
  • Unlimited email lists and opt-in forms
  • Unlimited tags and segments
  • Unlimited email broadcasts and email sequences
  • Create marketing automations of IF and THEN rules within GrooveMail and other Groove apps like GrooveSell and GrooveMember
  • Monitor leads and block specific emails
  • Schedule for more detailed analytics soon
  • SMS integration with Twilio
  • Unlimited features are on the Pro Plan.

GrooveMail Cons:

  • Bulk importing of existing email is only available for lifetime customers.
  • You will need to create a free business domain and temporarily add a SMTP provider like SendGrid (however Groove will have their own SMTP soon and you won’t need to use Sendgrid)

GrooveMail Conclusion:

I upgraded to Groovefunnels mainly because of GrooveMail.

GrooveMail is modelled after ActiveCampaign (my current email marketing service).

I’m not going to lie, it took a very long time for Groove to deliver a fully functional GrooveMail.

Luckily for you, these delays are now over.

For 25,000 contacts / month on ActiveCampaign, you’re looking at paying between $285 per month on their lite plan or $669 on the professional plan.

30,000 contacts / month is available on the Pro plan at $239 per month and that includes access to ALL Groove apps.

Whether you like it or not, email marketing is a necessity in running an online business.

GrooveMail has features that you will find in any email marketing service like: creating lists, forms, tags, build email sequences etc

What I like the most is their marketing automation feature which integrates with other Groove apps like GrooveSell and GrooveMember.

So if someone purchases a product in GrooveSell, you can create an automation to have people added to a specific membership site.

Or trigger an onboarding email sequence in GrooveMail to follow up with customers.

In 2022, Groove will add more email automation with behavior-based triggers and a custom email message builder.

ALTERNATIVE TO: ActiveCampaign (Save $3420/year)

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

5. GrooveMember

membership site builder and course hosting platform that allows you to create and sell digital products, online courses and membership sites. 

GrooveMember Pros:

  • Create unlimited memberships sites
  • Host unlimited courses in each GrooveMember site
  • Create branded membership site with beautiful themes and custom login pages
  • Create various content access levels at various price points.
  • Customize each lesson with text, video, downloads etc
  • Drip content on a time-release schedule
  • Upload pdf, mp3, png, jpg etc in the file management area
  • Create a course portal with single-sign-on
  • Add multiple courses for a membership site
  • Connect to unlimited custom domain names
  • Membership sites are mobile responsive
  • Disable membership access for specific users.

GrooveMember Cons:

  • No quizzes or assessments – scheduled late 2022.
  • No gamification – scheduled in 2023.
  • No community feature – scheduled in 2023.

GrooveMember Conclusion:

I’ll be honest here, GrooveMember v1 was sooooo clunky and buggy when it first came out.

Luckily, Groove rebuilt GrooveMember again and now GrooveMember V2 is AWESOME.

With GrooveMember V2, you literally create your own membership site and login pages with just a few clicks.

And you can have just one or multiple courses within that membership site.

The best part is that you can automate adding members to different courses within your membership site when they buy.

Yep, the apps talk to each other!

GrooveMember will be rolling out more membership site themes so that it looks even better than Teachable and Kajabi!

Learning management systems like Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachable charge $49 to $197 per month depending on the number of students and features integrations.

I’ve created a detailed GrooveMember tutorial and how to create a course portal on my Youtube channel to help you get started with GrooveMember.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Kajabi & Thinkific (Save $1908/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

6. GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo is a private video hosting platform. You can upload and host private video content for your online courses and membership sites here.


GrooveVideo Pros:

  • Upload, host and track private videos
  • Responsive video sizes
  • Mute videos on start, autoplay on load and show video titles
  • Add an “optin to unlock” videos – great for list building and lead generation
  • Add banner images to your videos
  • Add text overlay on top of your video
  • Add CTA banners or text overlays on your video
  • Integrates with GrooveMember so you can host your private course content.
  • Customize video control players, play buttons and add branded colors.
  • Connect to Amazon s3 and 3rd party storage if you’re on the free account
  • Analytics of impressions, unique views, total finished and watch time.
  • Unlimited video hosting on the Pro Plan.

GrooveVideo Cons:

  • Could do with more detailed analytics

GrooveVideo Conclusion:

Like any video hosting platform, you can upload videos, host videos and embed your videos on any web page.

The cool part about GrooveVideo is that there are 4 interactive video elements to encourage users to take an action.

Plus it’s linked to GrooveMember and GroovePages!

So once you upload a video on GrooveVideo, that video is available when you choose a video element on GrooveMember or GroovePages.

What I don’t like about GrooveVideo is the limited analytics, you can only see impressions, uniques, finishes and total watched time for now.

There will be future updates where you can trigger actions based on viewer behaviours, such as viewing all or part of a video etc.

The free plan allows you to host 5 videos for free however on the Pro Plan, you can host unlimited videos.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Vimeo (Save $240/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

7. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is an all-in-one eCommerce platform to sell physical products. It is a direct competitor to Shopify.


GrooveKart Pros:

  • Import and migrate your Shopify store in minutes.
  • Has a store wizard that walks you through 6 steps to launch your online store.
  • Built with print on demand and dropshipping stores in mind.
  • Customize your store and product pages for higher conversion instead of a fixed theme layout.
  • In-built apps like quizzes, product reviews, spin wheels, live chat, coupons, Facebook Messenger integration, GDPR compliant notices, Zapier and mor.e
  • Integrates with the following payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe,, nuvei, Uviba, Card PMT, Nmi Gateway, Banxate, 2checkout, Cash On Delivery and more.
  • Unlimited GrooveKart stores on all plans

GrooveKart Cons:

  • Bigger learning curve than Shopify and the store builder can be a bit clunky.
  • Setting shipping zones is outside of the USA is a bit tricky

GrooveKart Conclusion:

I found GrooveKart slightly overwhelming as there were so many features and customizations available.

However I’m not in the eCommerce market and have been told by users that like all the extras that GrooveKart offers.

There are no e-commerce website themes but rather pre-designed blocks for the top bar, header, product carousel, footer, scarcity blocks etc

Which means you simply drag in blocks for the core parts of your store and customize it.

Those who have strong experienced in dropshipping and print on demand stores will appreciate the ability to create a customized product landing page for higher conversions.

Plus they have in-built apps that you would normally have to purchase separately on Shopify so you’re saving more money in terms of monthly app subscriptions.

I would use GrooveKart to test and validate new products quickly without modifying your existing store.

Especially when you’re dropshipping or testing a new print on demand product with ads.

GrooveKart has gone through several iterations and the latest update has an onboarding wizard with six steps to reduce overwhelm.

I did not buy GrooveFunnels lifetime for GrooveKart and prefer to use Shopify.

But I suggest you sign up to the free account and test it out for yourself.

You’re not limited to one store either, on the lifetime plan you can create unlimited GrooveKart stores.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Shopify (Save $948/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

8. GrooveBlog

GrooveBlog is a light weight and fast loading blogging platform that is ideal for those who do light blogging at this stage. 

GrooveBlog Review

GrooveBlog Pros:

  • Loads extremely fast
  • Easy to use and create blog posts
  • Add links to your social media profiles
  • Custom domain integration – connect your blog to your own domain name
  • Embed Ad tracking codes for monetization
  • Embed Tracking codes and ad pixels
  • Hosting included

GrooveBlog Cons:

  • Only one blog theme
  • No import from WordPress tool (but coming in late 2022)
  • Limited advanced SEO features

GrooveBlog Conclusion:

If you’re just dipping your toes in the blogging world and haven’t chosen your niche yet, use GrooveBlog to test your niche.

It is a light weight and fast loading blogging platform that has all of the core features you would find in WordPress.

There is limited SEO features and no plugins available so it’s not ideal for those who want all the bells and whistles.

If your website is on WordPress with high domain authority, rely on SEO for traffic and have pages ranking in Google, keep using WordPress.

I would use GrooveBlog and GroovePages to start fresh on new smaller niche sites and keep using WordPress for older established websites.

Use GrooveBlog more as a web 2.0 content syndication until they add more SEO features. 

On the plus side, you can save $150/year on WordPress hosting. 

ALTERNATIVE TO: WordPress (Save $150/year on WordPress Hosting).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

9. GrooveWebinar Automated

Put your best and most high converting webinar recordings into an automated webinar funnel.

Set one time or recurring webinar schedules, the number of sessions availabe and at your user’s time zone.

Engage your attendees with polls, live chats, sticky messages, featured comments, file sharing, offers and proof purchase popups.

Create UNLIMITED automated webinars, connect it to GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveMail and GrooveSell.

ALTERNATIVE: EverWebinar (Save $4,080/year)

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

10. GrooveAutomation

Connect third party software and automate marketing tasks in GrooveMail, GroovePages, GrooveSell etc.

You can use web hooks to integrate other apps as well. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Zapier (Save $100/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

11. GrooveDesk*

This is Groove Digital’s built-in help desk for customer service, billing enquiries and support tickets. Because it integrates with GrooveSell & GrooveMail, you can issue refunds and respond to emails via the help desk. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan.

ALTERNATIVE TO: ZendDesk (Save $600/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

12. GrooveCalendar*

Book and schedule meetings invites that integrate with Google calendar. It will integrate with GrooveSell so you can sell coaching and consulting sessions. Also set up public viewable calendars for available session times. Create unlimited Calendars.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Calendly (Save $144/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

13. GrooveWebinars Live*

Groove Digital’s in built webinar platform that allows you to schedule and host live webinars with polls, surveys, popups, countdowns and offers right within the webinar. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan.

ALTERNATIVE TO: GoToWebinar (Save $1188/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

14. GrooveProof

Show real time social proof of purchases on your website. This is built into GrooveSell although they are creating a separate app for it to use for other social proof. Create Unlimited social proof on the lifetime plan.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Provely (Save $197/year).

STATUS: App available and fully functional.

15. GrooveStreaming*

Live stream to all major social platforms simultaneously straight from your browser. Because it’s cloud base, it will work on both Mac and PC.

ALTERNATIVE TO: StreamYard (Save $468/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

16. GrooveSurvey*

This is Groove’s drag and drop survey builder that allows you to create stunning and engaging surveys so that you can sell more products.

ALTERNATIVE TO:  ResponseSuite (Save $828/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

17. GrooveQuiz*

Create lead generating quizzes, collect and export responses and integrate it with GrooveMail for follow up email marketing campaigns.

ALTERNATIVE TO: LeadQuizzes (Save $420/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

18. GrooveFunnel Mapping*

Map your sales and marketing funnels in a drag and drop canvas. Simulate your funnel flow before building out your funnels.

ALTERNATIVE TO:  Funnelytics (Save $990/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

19. GroovePipe CRM*

A CRM and pipeline management software to get more qualified leads and monitor deals to grow your business. Integrates with GrooveCalendar and GrooveMail so that you can plan your sales activities.

ALTERNATIVE TO: Pipedrive (Save $298/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

20. Groove SDK*

Groove Digital’s software development kit for you to develop apps, extensions and plugins for all the groove apps on the GrooveFunnels platform. Great for developers who want to build and sell software.

ALTERNATIVE TO: WordPress Developer Kit (Save $990/year).

STATUS: App not released yet.

Scheduled for release by the end of 2023

Get access to all available apps and future apps on the free plan.

Groove Marketplace

Groove has a marketplace where members can list their products they created on GrooveSell and attract affiliates within the Groove community.

Think of it like a mini ClickBank where you can filter products based on the niche, join the affiliate programs and earn affiliate commissions.

On Clickbank, popular products will have a “Gravity” score whilst on the Affiliate Marketplace, there is a “Affiliate Power Score” abbreviated as APS.

The marketplace is turning out to be a winner as people are able to get sales immediately when they launch their products.

What Software Does GrooveFunnels Replace?

Here are all the software subscriptions that Groovefunnels replaces and yearly savings:

Website BuilderGroovePagesWix/Squarespace $480/yr
Funnel BuilderGrooveFunnelsClickFunnels $3,558/yr
Blogging PlatformGrooveBlogWordPress $720/yr
E-commerceGrooveKartShopify $1,200/yr
Shopping CartGrooveSellSamcart/Infusionsoft $2,388/yr
Membership CMSGrooveMemberKajabi $1,908/yr
Affiliate ProgramGrooveAffiliateTapAffiliate $1,788/yr
Email Marketing & AutomationGrooveMailActiveCampaign $7,188/yr
Webinar SoftwareGrooveWebinarGoToWebinar/EverWebinar $4,080/yr
Live Streaming*GrooveStreamStreamyard $480/yr
Conference Software*GrooveConferenceZoom $240/yr
Video HostingGrooveVideoVimeo $600/yr
Help Desk*GrooveDeskZendesk $1,188/yr
Calendar Booking & Scheduling*GrooveCalendarCalendly $144/yr
Surveys*GrooveSurveyResponseSuite $828/yr
Social ProofGrooveProofProvely $444/yr
Funnel Management*GrooveFunnelMappingFunnelytics $948/yr
Sales CRM*GroovePipePipedrive $1,188/yr
GROOVE PLATFORMGet Started for Free$29,436/year
* Coming Soon

Groovefunnels replaces all these softwares
Groovefunnels replaces all these apps!

GrooveFunnel’s Pricing Plans

The free plan gives you access to all apps and cost you $0 with no credit card required.

However to get unlimited access to all Groove apps and full features, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

As of the June 2022, there are three plans available:

Groove has three monthly pricing options:

I cover Groovefunnels pricing in detail on this page with a comparison table of the feature limits.

Before you commit to upgrading, I recommend you create a FREE account below and test drive it first.

GrooveFunnels Vs ClickFunnels: Which One Is Better?

GrooveFunnels IS better than ClickFunnels IF…

You’re looking for a free website builder, sales funnel builder, shopping cart, email marketing service, membership site, video hosting, affiliate management software, webinars, and social proof under one roof – WITHOUT having to pay after a 14-day trial.

Groovefunnels vs clickfunnels

In 2022, ClickFunnels will be launching ClickFunnels 2.0 to offer more apps and have everything under one roof like Groove.

But it won’t be cheap.

You’re most likely going to pay $299 per month or $3588 per year with ClickFunnels.

Now there will be some people saying Groove is more buggy than ClickFunnels.

That was true previously but in 2022, Groove is a lean and fast machine.

You can expect expect a few bugs when Groove roll out new apps but its minor.

A lot of people don’t remember this but ClickFunnels was buggy as hell when they first launched.

I bought ClickFunnels’ yearly plan for $997 back in 2014 when they first launch and it took them a good year to iron out bugs and improve their user interface (even out of beta).

Russell Brunson is a fantastic marketer, there’s no doubt about that.

And whilst Clickfunnels is great for creating sales funnels, it comes with a hefty monthly bill of $297 if you want to access their affiliate management and marketing automation system.

On Groove’s free plan, you get the full version of their affiliate management software on GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate for FREE.

This allows you to create unlimited products and unlimited affiliate programs on GrooveSell without having to upgrade to the $297/month plan of Clickfunnels.

GrooveSell also comes fully-loaded with a free shopping cart and sales management system to receive payments for physical and digital products, subscriptions, and services. 

GrooveAffiliate gives you all the tools to create and manage your own affiliate programs, assign specific commission rates and links to specific affiliates and so much more.

Aside from their Free website and sales builder, sales and affiliate management platform – offers the following:

  • Webinar hosting platform
  • Automated webinars
  • Course and membership hosting
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Shopping cart and checkout system
  • Booking and calendar scheduling
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Help desk platform and
  • Too many features that it makes me dizzy

ClickFunnels does one thing extremely well and that is sales funnels.

It’s not built to design fully responsive websites, menu navigation and sales funnels on one domain.

Nor does it offer all the other necessary tools you will need to run a online business without additional fees.

So to access ClickFunnels’ complete affiliate management system and marketing automation, you will need to upgrade to the $297/month plan of Clickfunnels to access what is already offered for free in GrooveFunnels.

As time goes by, more features will get added to Groove.

I say that from first hand experience because as an early adopter I’ve seen so many updates and improvements happen over the past year.

Major apps like GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveKart are available and fully functional.

If I were you, I would test drive the apps using the free account and see if it meets your business needs.

GrooveFunnels Pros and Cons


  • The free base plan has enough apps and features for you to start an online business
  • GroovePages as a funnel builder is relatively easy to use with its drag and drop editor.
  • One-click integrations to connect your domains with SSL
  • You can integrate with the most popular email marketing providers.
  • There are integrations with third party software like Zapier, Everwebinar, Pipedrive and more.
  • You can also use webhooks and zapier to automate processes.
  • GroovePages and GrooveBlog load fast, has SEO features and fully responsive.
  • GrooveMember allows you to sell courses and build membership sites with usernames and passwords.
  • Connect to various payment gateway easily and sell products quickly.
  • Earn 40% affiliate commission on Starter and Pro Paid plans.
  • Setup joint venture contracts with other members without having to set up a new company.
  • By listing your products on Groove’s marketplace (like ClickBank), you can leverage their 500,000 user base and attract an army of affiliates.
  • Weekly live digital marketing training from industry veterans
  • Huge community that always provides a helpful answer.
  • Bugs are ironed out quickly with new feature requests added regularly.


  • Support tickets are not answered quickly enough, it can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to get a response.
  • Advanced features aren’t available straight away when an app is released but added gradually.
  • There is an import URL feature for Clickfunnels and Kartra users however not all elements are imported correctly.
  • Training is a bit out of date but they have been publishing short tutorials on Youtube Channel.
  • Weekly pitches from other presenters which may be off putting to old users however helpful to beginners who want to be guided by a specific business model.

Is GrooveFunnels a Scam?

Groove is not a scam, it’s a Software as a service (SaaS) company with over 550,000 users on the platform as of May 2022.

At the core, Groove is just a software development company that relies heavily on affiliate marketers as a sales strategy.

Which is why it may look dubious due to heavy promotion by affiliate marketers.

Groove is a legitimate company, founded by veterans with decades of experience in building multi-million dollar marketing softwares like WebinarJam, Kartra and EverWebinar.

The CEO and founder of GrooveFunnels is Mike Filsaime.

Mike Filsaime pioneered ‘viral marketing’ back in 2006 with the launch of Butterfly Marketing.

He’s using the very same viral marketing strategy to growth hack GrooveFunnels into the fastest growing funnel building platform in the world.

Is GrooveFunnels Worth It?

If you asked me whether Groovefunnels was worth it back in April 2020, I would have said “NO”.

Why? Because it took so long for all the apps to be delivered and fully functional.

However, having tested the apps for over 23 months and seeing Groove deliver on their promise with new app features, my answer has changed to a “Yes”.

The good news?

You don’t have to wait for 2 years like I did.

I wish I was in your position with all the support and training available. It would have made my life a lot more easier!

With the nine apps they have available, you will have a more cohesive experience in building out your business systems on Groove.

If you’re still on the fence, sign up to free plan anyway because there is no credit card required and no trial period forcing you to upgrade.

There’s tonnes of value on the free plan alone.

The apps are fairly easy to use but Groove is a HUGE platform so I suggest watching my Groove training videos on Youtube to get your head around it.

Remember to come back here and sign up using the links on this page so that you can claim your bonuses!

Side note: I have been told by many Groove customers that my Groove training is clear, step-by-step and the best GrooveFunnels training online. But don’t take my word for it…

Aimee's Vo's testimonials for GrooveFunnels

I really appreciate your support if you could sign up and upgrade to Groove using the links on this page. Plus you’re going to receive some amazing bonuses from me too❤️

So if you’re paying a fortune in marketing tools each month…

Tired of sticking-taping different services together and making them “talk” to each other….

Then Groovefunnels is worth a look.

Personally for me…

If they fully develop GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, that alone is significant value to me.

The rest of the apps are just extras as I prefer to use other tools and software.

Thanks for reading my GrooveFunnels review and be sure to check out my bonuses below.

Want To Build 6 Figure Sales Funnels?

Regardless of which funnel building platform you use, if you want your funnels to convert…

I recommend writing great copy with relevant CUSTOM graphics on your landing page or sales page.

In this day and age, people don’t read long blocks of copy.

They’re skimming and only stop scrolling when they see a compelling image.

You NEED unique custom 3d mockups, book covers, lead magnet images, online course mockups and funnel graphics to SHOW your product in action.

This is extremely important as people can’t SEE digital products since they’re not tangible.

I’ve always struggled with design and could not justify hiring expensive graphic designers.

Not anymore.

The banner below was created WITHOUT any design skills and under 60 seconds.

Just point-and-click, drag-and-drop, then export!

Click the banner to learn how you can create stunning 3D digital product mockups and sales funnel graphics without any design skills.

YES… this tool integrates with Groove!

groovefunnels review banner

GrooveFunnels Frequent Asked Questions:

Is GrooveFunnels really free?

YES! Most companies will offer Free but with a trial. It’s not free for 14 or 30 Days. It’s Free for Life! They don’t even ask for a credit card and you get access to ALL the apps on the platform. There are however limits to each app but it’s more than enough to get you started on building your online business.

When will all the Groove apps be available?

GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveKart and GrooveWebinar automated are available. The remaining apps will be released by end of 2022.

Who is behind GrooveFunnels /

Mike Filsaime is the CEO of GrooveDigital, which owns GrooveFunnels. He is a veteran and leader in the online marketing world. He’s also a consultant, author, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer. Co-founders of the business include John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Serralta.

How many sharefunnels can I create on Groove?

On the free plan you can only share 1 funnel and import 5 share funnels from others. On the Pro Plan, its unlimited sharing and importing funnels.

Is SSL certificate included for free on GrooveFunnels?

Yes, Free SSL is installed automatically when you connect your custom domain. This is handle by’s servers and you do not need to open a separate Cloudflare account. However if you like to have more control over your name servers, you can still create a Cloudflare account.

Can I import my existing email contacts from another email provider on GrooveMail?

Only on the paid plan, you can import your email list from another marketing provider. Free users won’t be able to import contacts.

What email marketing integrations and third party integrations can I add to Groove?

uActiveCampaign, Aweber, CampaignMonitor, WebForm, Everwebinar, GetResponse, GotoWebinar, Leadlovers, Mailchimp, Mautic, Perkizilla, Pipedrive, ProductDyno, Sendiio, WebinarJam and Zapier. You can also use webhooks or embed forms to embed code from other software. More integrations are being added on a regular basis.

Are GrooveMember sites password protected?

Yes, students and members receive their username and password to a protected login page

Can I host my membership content like videos and files on Groove?

Yes, you can upload pdf or image files in GrooveMember and add it inside your membership. For Videos, you will upload your video files in GrooveVideo and embed that video in GrooveMember. On the free plan you can upload 5 videos on GrooveVideos and unlimited videos on the Pro Plan.

Will GrooveFunnels have page analytics and split-testing?

Yes, funnel analytics is already available but limited. However split testing and advanced analytics is schedule towards Q3 2022.

Can I white label GrooveFunnels?

Yes that feature is part of Groove Agency and coming out in Q3 of 2022.

Can I use GrooveFunnels for my digital Agency?

Yes, Groove will be releasing an agency feature in Q3 and pricing is yet to be released.

What payment gateways can I integrate in Groove?

Free users will only be able to integrate PayPal and Stripe. Paid users will be able to integrate with more payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe,, NMI, Braintree and GroovePay.

What currencies can I accept on Groove?

Yes, when you create a product in GrooveSell you can select the following currencies: USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, SEK, SGD, BRL, MXN, PHP, INR, MYR, PLN, BGN, DKK. More currencies to be released at a later date.

Can I create coupon voucher or discounts on Groove?

Yes you can create a coupon code in GrooveSell for your products, services or online courses and assign a dollar discount or percentage discount off your product’s price.

Can I create an affiliate program for my own products and services on Groove?

Yes, you can create unlimited affiliate programs on GrooveSell and manage all your affiliates on GrooveAffiliate even on the free plan. The benefits of this is that you can list your affiliate program on Groovefunnels’ marketplace which is like a mini Clickbank.

What kind of tracking links can I create on GrooveFunnels?

You can create affiliate tracking links, page tracking links and checkout cart tracking links in GrooveSell.

groovefunnels review banner
GrooveFunnels Review / Verdict By Aimee Vo / GrooveFunnels is much more than a sales funnel builder. With 19+ apps in the pipeline, it has the potential to supersede Kartra and ClickFunnels once they go out of BETA in Jan 2022. MY VERDICT: I’ve used Groove for over 18 months and believe that's platinum lifetime offer is a great long term investment. In time, you can run your ENITRE online business on Groove without having to buy separate software subscriptions - saving you a lifetime in fees. However, the Free plan is just as valuable as you’re getting access to features that you would normally pay $99 per month.

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