GrooveMail Broadcasts: How To Create A Email Broadcast In GrooveMail

This is the fifth part in the GrooveMail Tutorial video series for 2022.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to create a email broadcast in GrooveMail.

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GrooveMail Broadcast Video Tutorial

I highly recommend you watch my video tutorial below as it walks you through step-by-step on how to create a email broadcast in GrooveMail.

Here are the basic steps in creating a GrooveMail email broadcast.

Once you’re logged into GrooveMail, click on “Broadcasts” and “New Broadcasts”

Step 1: Broadcast Info

You have the option of sending a Email broadcast or SMS broadcast:

  • Give your broadcast a name
  • Optional: add tags associated to this broadcast
  • Click “next”
Groovemail broadcast

Step 2: Select Recipients

You can send this broadcast to people who:

  • Subscribe to a list or
  • Has a tag
  • Click on “next”

There will be a summary below to show you the number of active and inactive email contacts in your broadcast.

Groovemail broadcasts. - select recipients

Step 3: Broadcast Content

Now that you’ve selected the list or tags that you want your emails sent to, it’s time to write your email broadcast.

  • Send Broadcast As: Select your sender email
  • Subject: Enter a subject for your email
  • Preview: Enter a preview snippet test
  • Message: this is where the body of your email copy will go.

The email builder right now is quite basic however there will be a new email builder coming soon.

  • Add your email copy
  • Personalise it with the name variable {first_name}
  • Change the font size if you like
  • Add an image by clicking on the photo icon
  • Hyperlink text by clicking on the link icon
groovemail broadcast email builder

Step 4: Review Broadcast

The next step is reviewing your broadcast. You can:

  • Send now
  • Schedule for later
  • or save as draft

There will also be a summary of your broadcast details:

  • Broadcast Name
  • List, Tags and Segments
  • Sender info
  • and Message Content
Groovemail broadcast summary

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