GroovePages Popup Tutorial – How To Create a Popup Sign-up Form UPDATE (Dec 2021)

Continuing with the short GroovePages tutorials, this video will be on the “Updated GroovePages POPUP” feature.

I’ve covered popups very briefly in my GroovePages for beginners video here which gives you the core foundations of how GroovePages work.

In this video, I’ll do a deeper dive on how to configure 2 types of pop-ups and add a signup form inside your popup.

Ok let’s dive right into it.

Creating Popups On GroovePages Video Tutorial


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:39 Creating a popup
  • 01:36 Editing a popup template
  • 02:00 Styling GrooveMail form
  • 03:28 Renaming your popup
  • 03:39 Popup Types
  • 05:04 Triggering popup for button
  • 05:54 Another way to access popup templates
  • 07:11 Styling email marketing service form
  • 10:10 Cloning & Moving existing popups

There are now loads of popup templates for list building and lead generation.

Please click on the timestamps to watch step-by-step on how to setup your pops in Groove.

Remember to click on check icon to save your popup!

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