How To Add SMS Sender To GrooveMail & Connect Twilio To GrooveMail

This is the third part in the GrooveMail Tutorial series for 2022.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to add an SMS sender to GrooveMail by connecting it to Twilio.

Connect SMS Twilio To GrooveMail Video Tutorial

I highly recommend you watch the video below first to understand the process of:

  • Setting up your Twilio account
  • Connecting Twilio to GrooveMail
  • Adding your SMS sender to GrooveMail

This will walk you through the step-by-step process of integrating Twilio to GrooveMail.

If you prefer the text version of the video, I’ve provided a high level summary below:

“Account Verification Unsuccessful” Twilio Error Message

If you’ve tried to add your SMS sender to Twilio and GrooveMail but getting an error message like the screenshot below:

unsuccessful verification twilio and groovemail

It usually means two things:

  1. You’re on a trial account with Twilio and will need to fund your account or
  2. You haven’t set geo permissions for the region that you’re sending out SMS’s to

Now that you know this, let’s go ahead with setting this up correctly.

Step 1: Signing Up To Twilio

First, please support this blog by signing up to Twilio using this link.

Signing up to Twilio is pretty self-explanatory and you will need to click on the “sign up” button, complete your contact details and add your mobile phone number.

Twilio will send you a code via sms to your mobile.

You will need to enter this code on Twilio’s website for verification and will be given a recovery code.

Copy and paste that recovery code and save it somewhere safe.

If you get a screen asking you the following questions:

Twilio questions
  • Which Twilio product are you here to use? Select “SMS”
  • What do you plan to build with Twilio? Select “lead conversion”
  • How do you want to build with Twilio? Select “with no code at all”.
  • Click On “Get Started with Twilio”

When you log in this is your Twilio console, Twilio will give you some trial funds so that you can test your account.

Step 2: Get a Trial Number

  • Click on this blue button that says “Get a Trial Number”
  • Twilio has provided you with a trial US cell phone number however you can search for a different number
  • You can choose mobile numbers from your country. For example i’m based in Australia and there are Australian mobile numbers available that I can buy.
choose mobile numbers in Twilio
  • Once you’ve selected a mobile number, copy and paste it on a notepad for safe keeping

Step 3: Set Geo Permissions

  • Over on the left hand sidebar, click on “Messaging” tab
  • Click on “settings” and click on “geo permissions”
  • You want to enable the countries you’re sending SMS’s to by either selecting the check box for a region OR
  • Filtering it down by entering in the country name and selecting the check box
set geo permissions in Twilio

Step 4: Upgrade & Fund Your Twilio Account

Head up to the top of your console and click on the “upgrade link” as per the image below:

upgrade and fund twilio account
  • Enter in your address and click continue
  • Click on use “validated address”
  • If you have a business account definitely enter in your tax number
  • You need to fund your account anywhere from $20 to $2000
  • I will enter in $20 for example
  • I won’t enable “auto charge” click on continue
  • For payment method you can either enter in a credit card or Paypal
  • If you’re paying via Paypal, you will need to link Paypal first.
  • Click on “confirm payment”
Twilio payment details

Twilio will email you to notify that your account has been funded.

Step 5: Add SMS Sender In GrooveMail

  • Head back into GrooveMail
  • Click on “SMS Sender”
  • Click “Add SMS Sender”
  • Under “Gateway name”: Enter Twilio – Your company name
  • For account SID: Head back to Twilio and locate your account SID as per the screenshot below:
Twilio SID & Auth Token Twilio
  • Copy and paste your Account SID back into GrooveMail SMS Sender details.
  • For Auth Token, your auth token is right underneath your Account SID, copy and paste that back into GrooveMail SMS Sender details.
  • “Send From phone number”: this would be the trial phone number that Twilio gave you
  • “Test phone number “: Enter you mobile number
  • Click on save.
SMS Sender GrooveMail

Just remember that the test mobile number is essentially your mobile phone number.

You know your SMS Sender is connected correctly because you will receive an sms to your test phone number.

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