Not Just Any Review Site…

Written By A Marketing Professional Who Actually Uses The Groove Platform

Hello, my name is Aimee Vo and I’m a digital marketing and online business strategist.

Over the last 12 years, I have generated thousands of leads and over $4 million in sales for companies using organic and paid traffic.

In April 2020, I invested in’s GrooveFunnels and created this review site to help people make an informed decision when purchasing Groove.

Aimee Vo

This is not just ANY review site, it’s written from the perspective of an online business owner who requires digital marketing tools to run an online business.

In fact, I have been testing Groove apps as they’re released and provide FREE step-by-step training on Youtube to help you implement the software.

Initially I was a bit hesitant in purchasing Groove….

Because being an early adopter of a new BETA software has some major risks.

However after 23 months of using their apps and seeing the company mature….

I can truly say that GrooveFunnels has the power to transform your online business with all 19+ apps.

The main reasons why I created this review site is to:

  • Show you the ins and and outs of the platform from first hand user experience
  • Explain the potential use cases of Groove and how it relates to your online business
  • Give you honest and direct advice on whether Groove is right for you

Yes, I do receive a commission if you purchase through my link…

But if I don’t think Groove is for you, I will say so.

My goal is to give you straight to the point information without the B.S. or fluff.

I won’t recommend purchasing a software if it doesn’t meet your business goals.

This website is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision.

I also provide you with amazing bonuses should you decide to purchase through my link.

See you soon

Aimee Vo

Aimee Vo

P.S My favorite tool at this moment is ClickDesigns and it creates stunning custom 3d mockups and funnel graphics WITHOUT any design skills.

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