GroovePages Review 2023: The Ultimate Website & Sales Funnel Builder?

What Is GroovePages?

GroovePages makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking websites and sales pages, even if you have no prior technical experience.

This drag-an-drop page builder is intuitive to use with a host of features that allow you to customize your web pages look and feel.

When it comes to generating leads and sales online, building a sales funnel isn’t just a requirement – it’s a necessity.

There are plenty of landing pages and funnel building tools available online but is GroovePages the right tool for you?

Having used ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce and other page builders – this review will cover everything you need to know about GroovePages.

Let’s dive right in.

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TL;DR GroovePages 2.0 Review

Don’t have time to read the entire article?

I’ve got you, here are the key takeaways you need to know:

  • What is GroovePages? — GroovePages 2.0 is an easy to use website, landing page, and sales funnel builder that is easy to use and loads super fast.
  • Who Created GroovePages? — Mike Filsaime, the founder and CEO of Groove Digital.
  • GroovePage’s Features — GroovePages features is a drag and drop editor, with free hosting, custom domain integration, free SSL certificate, sharefunnels, countdown timers, progress bars, popups, upsells, down-sells, email marketing integration, webinar integration, mobile responsive design and more.
  • GroovePage’s Pricing — GroovePages is free for up to one custom domain website. You can create a FREE GroovePages account here.
  • Does GroovePages Have an Affiliate Program? — Yes. They pay between 10-40% affiliate commission depending on which paid plan you’re on.
  • Is GroovePages Better Than ClickFunnels? — If you asked me two years ago, the answer would had been no. Fast forward to now, the answer is now a BIG yes. GroovePages is so much more intuitive with more features than ClickFunnel’s page builder. Their pre-designed blocks makes designing websites and funnels a breeze!

If you’re interested in learning more about all the apps on the Groove’s platform, then check out my review here to get the low down.

GroovePages Pricing

GroovePages is FREE to use and there is no credit card required.

There is NO 14 day or 30 day trial where you are forced to upgrade.

The LITE Plan, which is your free Groove account, offers access to GroovePages and the major apps on the platform at no cost.

This plan includes one custom domain integration, 25 hosted pages on GroovePages, and free hosting.

This package is valued at a minimum of $39 per month, but it’s available to you for free.

GroovePages Features

GroovePages comes with many features that rival and even surpass those of the top players in the industry.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best features GroovePages has to offer.

1. Drag-And-Drop Editor

Groovepages drag and drop editor

GroovePage’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily drag in any block or element to edit a website or funnel.

Just select the block or element you want to add, drag it onto the page, and drop it into a section or container.

From there, you can customize and stylize each element.

2. Website & Funnel Templates

Groovepages templates gallery

You can find templates for funnels, complete websites, sales funnels and webinar funnels when you create a new site.

However you can sort templates based on categories and tags like:

  • lead generation
  • finance
  • landing page
  • local business
  • webinar funnels
  • eComm funnels
  • Service
  • agency
  • health and fitness
  • marketing
  • insurance
  • course
  • consulting
  • and so much more.
groovepages template categories

Free account members have access to limited templates whilst paying customers get access to their full gallery of GroovePages templates.

3. Free Hosting, Custom Domain & SSL Certificate

  • Free account users can add up to one custom domain and 25 pages for free.
  • You can host your funnels and websites for free, saving you hundreds of dollars in hosting fees.
  • GroovePages SSL certificate (that padlock icon that shows your website is secure) is automatically added for free once you connect your custom domain.
  • Unlimited custom domains is only available on the paid plans.

Adding your own branded custom domain like & SSL is easy:

  • Simply add your domain name in Groove
  • Head to your domain registry and update your nameservers with Groove’s name servers.

You don’t need to configure Cloudflare separately, GroovePages issues an SSL to your domain once you connect your custom domain.

Watch my Groove custom domain training video on how to setup your custom domains on GroovePages.

4. Build Out Entire Websites & Funnels In One Dashboard

GroovePages is not limited to creating sales funnels, you can build out entire websites, landing pages and funnels on one site.

When you create a “new site” on GroovePages, under “Assets”, you can create relevant pages in the website, funnels tab and webinars tab:

Groovepages websites and landing pages - re-order and drag

You can re-order menu pages easily by dragging it or you drag any pages you want to hid in the “Hidden pages” section.

Create your funnel pages in the funnel tab to keep your projects organized.

Free account members can build up to 25 pages with free hosting whilst lifetime users can build unlimited websites and funnels.

5. Share Site: ShareFunnel Link

Groovepages share funnels

Sharing your website or funnels is available for both free and paid users.

You can share your GroovePages website or funnel designs and have another Groove customer import them in a click of a button.

Free account members are not able to sharefunnels however paid customers can share their designs to existing Groove users or customers.

Groovefunnels Lifetime users can share and receive unlimited websites and funnels.

6. Website & Funnel WireFrames

Groovepages wireframe blocks

If you’re a website designer or funnel builder, you can use GroovePages wireframe blocks to plan out your page’s UX design.

There are various wireframe blocks for headers, alert bars, checkout forms, content, testimonials, footers and more to choose from.

These wireframe blocks have no color or styling, and are great if you want to show your client a website mockup before going ahead with the final design.

7. Designer Blocks

If you’re a not a web designer or funnel builder, you can use their designed blocks with formatting and color styling in place

There are various designed blocks for lead magnets, contact forms, checkouts, footters, galleries, menus, headers etc.

You can also save any blocks you’ve designed for future use.

Free account users have limited designed blocks available.

8. Mobile Responsive Design

You can customize your website’s appearance to be responsive across various screen sizes like laptop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive design use to be buggy but they have now fixed it with auto spacing applied across all devices.

You can also customize and stylize one specific device and the remaining devices are not affected.

Not everyone may want to optimize across all devices but this is necessary if your a website designer and want to increase conversions especially on mobile.

9. 3rd Party Integrations

Currently you can integrate the following email marketing providers to GroovePages: ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, WebForm, GetResponse, Lead Lovers and Mailchimp.

If your email provider is not listed, you can embed your form via html code.

In addition to email marketing services, you integrate and connect:

  • ClickDesigns
  • Zapier
  • WebinarJam
  • EverWebinar
  • EventRaptor
  • GoToWebinar
  • Mautic
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Product Dyno
  • Sendioo
  • and more

GroovePages aims to integrate more third party integrations based on customer request.

GrooveMail forms is already integrated as an element in GroovePages which allows for native app integration and building your email list on GroovePages.

10. Create Popups and Light boxes

You can create a popup so that a light box appears or have it popup when a button is clicked on.

There are various ways to configure the popup to appear:

  • Standard = appears only when they click on an element like a button.
  • Entry = appears when someone lands on the page.
  • Exit = appears when someone leaves the page.

You can also customize the popup by adding up element and stylizing it.

11. Countdown Timers & Progress Bars

Countdown timers are great for creating a sense of real-time urgency for your website visitors.

You can configure count down timers to different time zones and have it redirect to a specific page on your website, a URL and loop the count down timer again.

Progress bars are great for micro-commitment steps and improves the conversion process.

You can drag in a countdown timer and progress bar element and edit them to stylize them further.

12. Upsells, Down-sells, and Order Bumps

Groovepages Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps

Upsells and order bumps are strategies for increasing the average amount of money people spend with you when they order a product. 

Downsells, on the other hand, are great for getting people to buy a less expensive product after they’ve already said “no” to your primary product. 

You can create the upsell and downsell pages in GroovePages easily using their templates, and connect the order payment in GrooveSell easily with an element on GroovePages.

Essentially, you build out all your sales pages, be it a downsell or upsell page inside of GroovePages.

13. GroovePages SEO Friendly

GroovePages loads extremely fast and all images are optimized in webp format which is a major ranking for search engines.

Here are the on-page SEO elements you can perform on GroovePages:

  • Site name – Include your website name to appear on Google search results.
  • Favicon – add an icon to represent your website on Google search results.
  • Page title – add keywords in your page title.
  • Page URL – add keywords in your page URL.
  • Meta keywords – add keywords and related keywords tags.
  • Meta description – add your keywords in the description of your page.
  • Open Graph – control the title and description of your page for Facebook.
  • H1, H2, H3 headings are available by dragging in headings text element.
  • Images optimization – “alt tags” and “alt descriptions” are available for images.

Since GroovePages loads pretty fast, by doing some basic on-page SEO and some well written content – you can easily rank your pages on GroovePages for long tail keywords.

14. GroovePages Elements

GroovePages has lots of elements you can insert into your website or funnel.

Here are the GroovePages elements available:

  • Layouts elements: empty containers, 1-5 columns, card headers, tabs sections, collapse heading and text and dividers.
  • Text elements: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 headings, paragraphs, title and paragraph, icon + title and paragraph, icon and headings and block quotes elements.
  • Lists elements: icon list item, image list item and regular list (like bullet points) elements.
  • Button elements: solid buttons, buttons with icon or a text link element.
  • Media elements: round image, square image, Youtube video embeds, icons, Vimeo embed, Wistia embed and carousel or images.
  • Form elements: input labels, input fields, text areas, tick checkbox and submit button for forms.
  • Tab elements: tab contaners, tab heads, and tab content.
  • eCommerce elements: GrooveSell checkouts and checkout embed.
  • Devices: mockup device frames for desktop, laptop, tablet, phone and watch frames.
  • Other elements: google maps, code embeds, countdown timers and progress bars.
  • Navigation bar elements: various menu styles for header or footer menu.
  • GrooveVideo element: integrates with GrooveVideo hosting and allows you to embed any of your existing videos
  • GrooveMail form element: integrates with GrooveMail and allows you to embed any of your existing GrooveMail forms.
  • GrooveWebinar element: integrates with GrooveWebinar to host your automated and live webinars.
groovepages elements options

15. Adding Tracking Codes, Google Analytics & Conversion Pixels / Events

If you wish to add your Google Analytics code, ad tracking tags, or pixels to the head or body of your website, it can be easily done in the following way:

  • Site settings > tracking codes > paste your codes in the relevant boxes
groovepages adding tracking codes and google analytics

Alternatively, if you like to add a conversion pixel or tag on a specific page, locate that page and that tracking code in “Page settings”.

One thing to note is that any codes added in “Site Settings” will cover all pages on the website. If you add tracking codes in “Page settings” then that code only applies to that specific page.

16. Instant Website or Page Redirection

Redirecting your entire site or a specific page can be easily done in the following way:

  • Site settings > Redirection > toggle “Enable website redirection”
  • Enter a external URL or select an internal page that you’ve created on GroovePages
groovepages redirection

There’s no need to mess with html or code.

GroovePages Pros & Cons

The good news is GroovePages is FREE to get started and this gives you the time to test and play around with the user interface.

Here’s a high level summary of the pros and cons on the Free GroovePages account:

 1 custom domain integration for free plans Does not have many landing page templates on the free plan but starting from scratch is easy
 Create up to 25 pages Split testing not available yet but coming soon
 Free hosting and SSL included No native page analytics, use Google Analytics to track your page visits and events
✔ A good free alternative to ClickFunnels or any landing page builder with all the bells and whistles
 Integrates with most popular email marketing providers
 UNLIMITED everything in GroovePages on the Premium+ Lifetime Plan

GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels: Which Is Better?

For a free website creator, sales funnel builder, sales and affiliate management platform – GroovePages packs a punch at zero cost.

I’ve covered GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels in detail on my review article here.

GroovePages has gone through several updates over the last three years and is now a robust and super website and page builder.

In 2023, GroovePages is much more a superior page builder than Clickfunnels with the ability to add CSS for further customization.

GroovePages Pricing

GroovePages is FREE with no strings attached and no credit card required.

There is NO 14 day or 30 day trial where you are forced to upgrade.

Your Free Groove account is FREE for life with one custom domain and hosting.

However you have the option to upgrade to the paid plan where you can get UNLIMITED GroovePages websites and funnels.

GroovePages Lifetime Deal

Previously, GroovePages has a deal where you can get lifetime access to “GroovePages Lifetime” for a one-time payment of $497.

This offer is no longer available and access to unlimited version of GroovePages is available on their paid plans.

Check out Grooves Pricing for 2023 here.

GroovePages Tutorial & Demo

The best way to view a demo of GroovePages is to watch my “GroovePages Tutorial For Beginners”

You’ll learn the core foundations of using GroovePages and how to get up and running fast.

GroovePages Bonuses

Extra bonuses groovepages

GrooveFunnels Quick-Start Training Course: Over 40+ step-by-step bite size training that will save you a TONNE of time and frustration on GrooveFunnels.

Sales Funnels Planning Workbook: The PLAYBOOK to build simple yet seriously effective sales funnels that convert leads into sales.

High Converting Opt-in Funnel Templates: Swipe and CLONE my high converting GroovePages funnel in a click of a button.

Sign up using the link below and you’ll automatically receive the login details to access your extra bonuses bonuses.

GroovePages Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between / GrooveFunnels vs GroovePages?

Groovefunnels is and is the parent brand for all the groove apps. GroovePages is their website, page and funnel builder similar to ClickFunnels where you can build fully navigable websites and funnels on a single domain.

Since GroovePages as an app within the platform, check out my review on GrooveFunnels.

Can I transfer my funnels from ClickFunnels and Kartra?

There is the ability to import funnel pages into Groove by using the GroovePages URL importer. This will bring over text, image and color and however you will need to re-style it to make it look like the way you want.

How many domains can I connect to GroovePages?

On the free plan, you can connect up to 1 custom domains and create up to 25 pages for free.

Are there website design and sales funnel templates available?

On the free plan, there are a few website and sales funnel templates. However there are more premium and professional design templates when you upgrade.

Is a free SSL certificate included on GroovePages?

Yes, Free SSL is installed automatically when you connect your custom domain. This is handle by Groove’s Cloudflare account however you do not need to open or customize any Cloudflare account.

Can I share my funnels and receive funnels shared to me?

Not on the free plans however on the paid plans, sharefunnels and receiving share funnels is available.

What other Groove apps can I use on my Free GroovePages account?

You get access to some NOT all Groove apps on your free account. On GrooveMail, you receive up to 500 contacts for free. On GrooveMember, you can create 1 membership site for free.

I recommend checking out my pricing page to compare the difference between the free vs paid plans.

What email marketing services and integrations does GroovePages connect to?

ActiveCampaign, Aweber, CampaignMonitor, WebForm, Everwebinar, GetResponse, GotoWebinar, Leadlovers, Mailchimp, Mautic, Perkizilla, Pipedrive, ProductDyno, Sendiio, WebinarJams and Zapier. You can also use webhooks or embed forms to embed code from other software. More integrations are being added on a regular basis.

My email marketing provider is not listed as an integration on GroovePages?

If you use a email marketing provider that’s not listed as an integration – copy your opt-in form code from your email marketing provider and embed it on GroovePages using the “code embed” element.

I find that ActiveCampaign to integrate and work well with GroovePages as they are modelling GrooveMail off ActiveCampaign.

Is There A GroovePages Affiliate Program?

Yes, when you create free account, you’re automatically enrolled in Groove’s affiliate program however the affiliate commission is only 20%.

Is GroovePages SEO-friendly?

YES, it uses Amazon hosting which has the best servers in the world for fast page loading.

You can perform on-page optimisation on Groovepages. Here are some of the on-page SEO elements you can add:
Site name – Include your website name to appear on Google search result
Favicon – add an icon to represent your website on Google search results
Page title – add a page title with your target keyword
Page URL – enter a page URL with your target keyword
Meta keywords – add target keywords and related keywords to your page
Meta description – add the description of your page with target keyword and related keywords
Open Graph – control the title and description of your page for social media share on platforms Facebook, Twitter, etc
H1, H2, H3 headings are available by dragging in headings text element.
Images optimization – “alt tags” and “alt descriptions,” are available when you attach images to page

Can I add Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, FB Pixels and other tracking codes on GroovePages?

Within your page settings, you can add Google tag manager, Google analytics, FB pixels in the head, body or footer sections – there is a dedicated slot to add this tracking code. You don’t need to mess with the raw code.

Is GroovePages better than ClickFunnels?

If you asked me this question 3 years ago, the answer would have been no. BUT now, the answer is YES as GroovePages is now a robust and easy to use website and sales funnel builder with so many elements that allow for styling and customization. I would say this is their best app on the platform.

Is GroovePages mobile responsive?

Yes, you can design your websites, landing pages and sales funnels across 5 devices. Each one of these devices have responsive selectors that allow you to style each device for pixel perfect resolution.

Can I create popups on GroovePages?

Yes you can create popups for specific pages, entry popups and exit popups on GroovePages

Can I embed videos on GroovePages?

Yes you can embed Vimeo, Youtube videos or GrooveVideos on GroovePages. Alternatively, uou can upload up to 5 videos on your Free GroovePages account.

groovefunnels review banner

GroovePages Review by Aimee

In 2023, GroovePages loads extremely fast and is an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder with many features for customization. If you’re after a website and funnel builder that has SEO in mind and integrates with other software, then GroovePages might be the tool for you!

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