GrooveFunnels Review (April 2021 Update) – Price Increase & Bonuses Available

Brutally Honest GrooveFunnels Review

Back in May 2020, I was looking for an all-in-one platform to run my online business.

Without having to pay multiple monthly subscriptions fees that tallied up to $500 per month.

A platform that could handle hosting, sales funnels, email marketing, sell digital products, affiliate programs etc all in ONE central place.

That’s when I stumbled upon GrooveFunnels

Groovefunnels review
Last updated on 11th March 2021 by Aimee

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Table of Contents

My Experience With GrooveFunnels Lifetime After 11 Months

Groovefunnels review

GrooveFunnels is a suite of tools to help you run your online business and sell products and services online.

Now, you clicked on this page because you wanted an honest GrooveFunnels review...

So here’s my brutally honest experience after purchasing the GrooveFunnels platinum lifetime deal…

My first few months of using Groove funnels was frustrating and buggy as hell since the platform was relatively new.

Back in May 2020, the three apps available at that time was GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

What you see now in your free account for GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate has been totally revamped with more apps and features than what I had access to.

So back around May to August 2020, when a new app was released on the Groove platform – it usually had bugs and required continuous updates from Groove’s developers.

I would get frustrated, not touch it again until one month had passed or when the bugs were ironed out.

When an app was working, advanced features were not available immediately and rolled out at a later date.

There were no direct integrations with existing Groove apps so you couldn’t connect the apps to each other.

For example, GrooveSell (their free shopping cart) did not integrate with GrooveMember (membership site) back then and anyone could access your online course.

Thankfully memberships URLs are now secure!

And because there were new apps and updates rolled out every month, Groove’s training became outdated quickly.

This GrooveFunnels review sounds frustrating right?

I was close to tossing Groove in the ‘too hard’ basket and just parking it until it came out of beta.

But towards the end of 2020, things began to change…

Bugs Were Ironed Out Quickly, New Features & More Apps Added… .

The Groove digital team started listening to their customers and hired more developers to iron out bugs quickly.

They began adding direct integration with other Groove apps like GrooveSell, GrooveMember, GrooveMail etc

They ran live weekly training webinars on how to build sales funnels using GrooveFunnels…

Showcasing the latest bug fixes and new feature updates.

They started adding new features and more unannounced apps on both the free and lifetime plan.

In 2021, instead of releasing an app that was not working or buggy….

Groove focused more on quality and would release an app ONLY when it was fully functional.

GrooveBlog was proof of this.

When GrooveBlog was released in February 2021, I was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn’t advanced as WordPress but it was clean, light weight, loaded extremely fast and had an easy to use interface.

There were minor bugs but that was ironed out quickly unlike before.

Looking back, it was a bit of a gamble being an early adopter of a new platform but… I don’t regret it.

Here’s why I don’t regret it:

I locked in a lower price, got 25,000 emails contacts instead of 10,000 and more bonuses than I could ever imagine.

With a bit of patience and perseverance, I’ve already made back my investment on Groove funnels by creating my own funnels and selling products online on the platform.

The company did go through some major teething pains and whilst it was frustrating early on, these setbacks were temporary.

The good news is that the Groove digital team kept refining and improving the GrooveFunnels platform.

And because I continually test the apps on my Youtube channel, I can say without a doubt that YES you will experience bugs but you can start and run your online business even on the free plan.

What’s Included In GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal?

19+ Apps FOR LIFE


1. GroovePages

A drag and drop page, website and sales funnel builder that allows you to create stunning websites, landing pages and sales funnels. On the lifetime deal, you can create unlimited sales funnels and unlimited websites. There are pre-designed page templates so you don’t need to start from scratch. Images are optimized into a webP format to create smaller and richer images for fast website loading time. Similar to Clickfunnels – Save $3564/year. STATUS: App available.


2. GrooveSell

A shopping cart platform and powerful sales management that is designed to help you sell digital products and services. You can created unlimited products, custom checkout forms, unlimited upsells, downsells and 1-click upsells. Connect to PayPal, Stripe, GroovePay and other payment gateways without paying additional fees. Export customer contacts and email buyers. Similar to SamCart – Save $2388/year. STATUS: App available.


3. GrooveAffiliate

A cloud based affiliate management software that allows you to create and manage your own affiliate programs. Create promotional tools like email swipes, blog reviews, articles, banners for your affiliates to maximize conversions. See affiliate statistics, email affiliates, assign several commission rates and track your top affiliates. Similar to TapAffiliate – Save $1788/year. STATUS: App available.


4. GrooveMail

A email marketing, autoresponder and marketing automation platform. Build your email list, send out email marketing campaigns, broadcasts and email sequences. Use their automation feature to manage tags, subscribe or unsubscribe users to email sequences and add them to memberships. Add or import up to 10,000 email contacts. Similar to ActiveCampaign – Save $2748/year. STATUS: App available.


5. GrooveMember

A membership platform that allows you to create digital products, online courses and membership sites. You can set specific membership levels, tiers and drip out content as well. The user interface use to be clunky but they have done several updates to it now. It’s secure and working well. There will be a certification option for you to issue certificates to graduates later. Unlimited memberships – Similar to Kajabi & Thinkific – Save $1908/year. STATUS: App available.


6. GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo is their video hosting platform. You can upload and host private video content for your online courses and membership sites here. There are 4 video elements: Add opt-in forms to unlock a video, banner images to a video, text overlay on top of your video and CTA banner on your video. See analytics of impressions, unique views, total finished and watch time. On lifetime, upload up to 100GB worth of video content. Similar to Vimeo – Save $240/year. STATUS: App available.


7. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is their eCommerce platform to sell physical products. Migrate your Shopify store in minutes, built for POD and dropshipping stores. Connects to various dropshipping apps with in-built apps like quizzes, product reviews, live chat, social proof pop ups, spin wheels, FB messenger, GDPR coupons, Klaviyo, Google analytics, Zapier and more apps for FREE. You can custom design your product pages for higher conversions. Integrates with Stripe, PayPal and other payment gateways. Unlimited eCommerce stores – Similar to Shopify – Save $948/year. STATUS: App available.


8. GrooveBlog

GrooveBlog was released in February 2021. It’s a light weight and fast loading blogging platform that is ideal for those who do light blogging at this stage. Very clean and user friendly with the ability to add your own custom domain name. If your website is on WordPress with high domain authority, rely on content marketing and have pages ranking in Google, keep using WordPress and use GrooveBlog more as a web 2.0 content syndication until they add more SEO features. Unlimited GrooveBlogs on the lifetime plan. Save $150/year on WordPress hosting. STATUS: App available.


9. GrooveProof

Show real time social proof of purchases on your website. This is in built into GrooveSell although they are creating a separate app for it to use for other social proof. Create Unlimited social proof on the lifetime plan. Similar to Provely – Save $197/year. STATUS: App available.


10. GrooveAutomation

Connect third party software / apps and automate marketing tasks in GrooveMail, GroovePages, GrooveSell etc You can use web hooks to integrate other apps as well. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan. Similar Zapier – Save $100/year. STATUS: App available.


11. GrooveDesk*

This is Groove Digital’s built-in help desk for customer service, billing enquiries and support tickets. Because it integrates with GrooveSell & GrooveMail, you can issue refunds and respond to emails via the help desk. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan. Similar to ZenDesk – Save $600/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


12. GrooveCalendar*

Book and schedule meetings invites that integrate with Google calendar. It will integrate with GrooveSell so you can sell coaching and consulting sessions. Also set up public viewable calendars for available session times. Create unlimited Calendars. Similar to Calendly – Save $144/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


13. GrooveWebinars Live*

Groove Digital’s in built webinar platform that allows you to schedule and host live webinars with polls, surveys, popups, countdowns and offers right within the webinar. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan. Similar to GoToWebinar – Save $1188/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


14. GrooveWebinar Automated*

Turn your existing webinars into evergreen webinars. Put your best and most high converting webinar recordings into an automated webinar funnel. Limits are still to be decided on the lifetime plan. Similar to EverWebinar  – Save $497/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


15. GrooveStreaming*

Live stream to all major social platforms simultaneously straight from your browser. Because it’s cloud base, it will work on both Mac and PC. Similar to StreamYardSave  $468/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


16. GrooveSurvey*

This is Groove’s drag and drop survey builder that allows you to create stunning and engaging surveys so that you can sell more products. Similar to ResponseSuite – Save $828/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


17. GrooveQuiz*

Create lead generating quizzes, collect and export responses and integrate it with GrooveMail for follow up email marketing campaigns. Similar to LeadQuizzes – Save $420/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


18. GrooveFunnel Mapping*

Map your sales and marketing funnels in a drag and drop canvas. Simulate your funnel flow before building out your funnels. Similar to Funnelytics – Save $990/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


19. GroovePipe CRM*

A CRM and pipeline management software to get more qualified leads and monitor deals to grow your business. Integrates with GrooveCalendar and GrooveMail so that you can plan your sales activities. Similar to Pipedrive – Save $298/year. STATUS: App not released yet.


20. Groove SDK*

Groove Digital’s software development kit for you to develop apps, extensions and plugins for all the groove apps on the GrooveFunnels platform. Great for developers who want to build and sell software. Similar to WordPress Developers Kit. STATUS: Not released yet.

Scheduled for release Q1- 2 of 2021

Get access to all available apps and future apps on the free plan.

Groove Marketplace

Last but not least, Groove’s has two marketplaces.

The first marketplace is called “Affiliate Marketplace” where members can list their products they created on GrooveSell and attract affiliates within GrooveFunnels.

Think of it like a mini ClickBank where you can filter products based on the niche, join the affiliate programs and earn affiliate commissions.

On Clickbank, popular products will have a “Gravity” score whilst on the Affiliate Marketplace, there is a “Affiliate Power Score” abbreviated as APS.

The second marketplace is called “GroovePages Marketplace”, if you created a design on GroovePages then you can sell your designs in the GroovePages Marketplace.

Who is GrooveFunnels For?

GrooveFunnels suite of tools can help various online businesses and niches. Here are just some of the types of business I see benefiting from GrooveFunnels:

  • Course Creators
  • Membership site owners
  • Digital product sellers
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Sales Funnel builder or designer
  • Email marketing specialist
  • eCommerce owners
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Joint Venture specialists
  • Webinar Organizer or specialist
  • Website Designer
  • Landing Page Designer
  • Marketing Agencies and more.

It sounds cliche however given that GrooveFunnels has so many tools and apps on the platform – it can essentially serve any online business model.

So what do the 20 apps and marketplace add up to?

$17,506+ In Annual Subscription Savings For Life

Imagine having an online business without any monthly fees and how much you will save in the years to come?

GrooveFunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels pricing has undergone several price changes throughout 2020.

As of 1st March 2021, there are only 2 payment options available:

  • 5 monthly payments of $497
  • OR one-time payment of $1397

This gives you lifetime access to ALL 19+ GrooveFunnels apps and is known as their Lifetime Platinum plan.

groovefunnels pricing

Free Base Plan Vs Lifetime Platinum Plan Features

Groovefunnels free version gives you access to all current apps like GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveBlog, GrooveKart and ALL future apps.

The free version is referred as the “base plan” and is the “lite” version of GrooveFunnels.

On the free base plan you can create 3 funnels, connect up to 3 domain names, add 500 email contacts in GrooveMail, upload up to 15 videos in GrooveVideo and 1 blog in GrooveBlog.

You can create unlimited GrooveKart stores on both free and lifetime however the credit card processing fees are higher on the free plan.

To make it easy to digest, I’ve included the table below so you can compare the free plan vs lifetime plan features:

(Base Plan)
(Platinum Plan)
Custom domains3Unlimited
Share funnels1Unlimited
Receive shared funnels5Unlimited
Import pages15Unlimited
Team users (not released yet)To be decidedTo be decided
Agency feature (not released yet)To be decidedTo be decided
Sell ProductsUnlimitedUnlimited
CustomersUnlimited (can export)Unlimited (can export)
LeadsUnlimited (can export)Unlimited (can export)
AffiliatesUnlimited (can export)Unlimited (can export)
Emails to customersTransactional OnlyUnlimited
Emails to cart abandonSingle SendUnlimited
Email to affiliatesUnlimitedUnlimited
StorageNone100GB lifetime
BandwidthNone100GB month
Upload limit5 GB per video5 GB per video
Members100 membersUnlimited
Email Sends5000/monthUnlimited
Import ContactsNoYes
GrooveKart Stores:Free:Lifetime:
Number of online storesunlimitedunlimited
Online Credit Card Rates4.95% + 30c USD2.85% + 25c USD
Third Party Payment Processors2.00%0.0%
Number of Blogs1unlimited
Future AppsFree:Lifetime:
See Package limits* belowTo be decidedTo be decided

*Package limits for unreleased tools and apps are still to be decided. This includes: GrooveDesk, GrooveWebinars LIVE, GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveStreaming, GrooveQuiz, GrooveFunnel Mapping, GroovePipe CRM, GrooveSDK etc

The free base plan gives you more than enough to start your online business and allows access to all 19+ future apps.

Play around with it and when you need more features, you can always upgrade later.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Pricing Plans & Payment Options

option 1

monthly payments

Includes lifetime access to 19+ Groove Apps

40% Affiliate Commissions on all your referrals for LIFE

Free VIP Tickets to GrooveKon™ conference

Free LIVE IN-PERSON workshops throughout the year.

Free Live Webinar Training on Digital Marketing

5 MONTHLY x $497

option 2


Includes lifetime access to 19+ Groove Apps

40% Affiliate Commissions on all your referrals for LIFE

Free VIP Tickets to GrooveKon™ conference

Free LIVE IN-PERSON workshops throughout the year.

Free Live Webinar Training on Digital Marketing


option 3


Includes lifetime access to 19+ Groove Apps however limited features on each app

20% Affiliate Commissions on all your referrals for LIFE

No VIP Tickets to GrooveKon™ conference

No LIVE IN-PERSON workshops

Free Live Webinar Training on Digital Marketing


GrooveFunnels Price Increase In 2021

GrooveFunnels plans to increase the platinum lifetime price from $1397 to $2497.

The price increase is planned in three increments. Which means the price does not jump to $2497 immediately.

There is no set date on each price increase however looking at their promotional dates, the next price increase will most likely occur in early April 2021.

GrooveFunnels Price Out of Beta

After GrooveFunnels goes out of beta which is estimated to be on the 1st January 2022, it switches to a monthly pricing model:

  • Free Plan may no longer be available or with limited features
  • $99/month for the Silver Plan
  • $199/month for the Gold Plan
  • $299/month for the Platinum Plan

Now, if you’re wondering …

Is GrooveFunnels Better Than ClickFunnels or Kartra?

groovefunnels vs clickfunnels

The answer at this point in time is a YES and NO.

YES – if you want a FREE funnel builder, shopping cart, email marketing service, membership site, affiliate management software, social proof and more for FREE (without having to pay a 14 day trial like ClickFunnels)

NO – if you want to import all your existing sales funnels, memberships and automations from Clickfunnels or Kartra into GrooveFunnels and have them working smoothly ASAP

Lets be real here… GrooveFunnels is still in BETA and the platform is not mature as Clickfunnels or Kartra yet.

As much as I want to assure you that there won’t be any ongoing bugs….

Chances are that there will be more bugs as Groove continues adding more features and new apps to their platform.

A lot of people don’t remember this but ClickFunnels was buggy as hell when they first launched.

I bought ClickFunnels’ yearly plan for $997 back in 2014 when they first launch and it took them a good year to iron out bugs and improve the user interface (even out of beta).

Russell Brunson is a fantastic marketer and whilst Clickfunnels is great for creating sales funnels, it comes with a hefty monthly bill of $297 if you want to access their affiliate management and marketing automation system.

On GrooveFunnels free plan, you get the full version of their affiliate management software on GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

You can create unlimited products and unlimited affiliate programs on GrooveSell without having to upgrade to the $297/month plan of Clickfunnels to access their affiliate management tool called “BackPack”.

All of this is available on GrooveFunnel’s free plan!

GrooveSell also comes fully-loaded with a free shopping cart and sales management system to receive payments for physical and digital products, subscriptions, and services. 

GrooveAffiliate gives you all the software to create and manage your own affiliate programs, assign specific commission rates and links to specific affiliates and so much more.

Aside from their website and page builder, sales and affiliate management platform – GrooveFunnels offers the following:

  • Webinar hosting platform
  • Automated webinars
  • Course and membership hosting
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Shopping cart and checkout system
  • Content calendar scheduling
  • Help desk platform and more!

ClickFunnels does one thing extremely well and that is sales funnels. It doesn’t offer all the other necessary tools you will need to run a online business without additional fees.

So to access ClickFunnels’ complete affiliate management system and marketing automation, you will need to upgrade to the $297/month plan of Clickfunnels to access what is already offered for free in GrooveFunnels.

When GrooveFunnels goes out of beta, the 19+ apps available will supersede ClickFunnels and put your online business on steroids

The reality is… ALL new SAAS (Software as a Service) start with minimal viable products – you know, build a bike first to get from A to Z before you build a car.

In time, more features get added and bugs get FIXED.

I say that from first hand experience as an early adopter because I’ve seen the bugs, updates and improvement that happen over time.

So if you decide to invest in GrooveFunnels, you will need patience and give them time to develop the remaining apps.

Expect that there will be bugs when you buy in as a backer and beta tester.

GrooveFunnels is not offering lifetime access at an extremely low price for no reason.

Major apps like GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveKart are available and fully functional.

I purchased GrooveFunnels as a long term investment, was prepared for bugs and used backup software to use in the interim.

Yes, that meant paying for additional subscriptions but I’m in it for the long run.

Groove is aiming to go out of beta and have all remaining apps released by the end of December 2021 or early Jan 2022.

Nine months flies by fast so if I were you, I would test drive the apps using the free account and keep an eye on their developments.

GrooveFunnels Pros & Cons

A lot of Groovefunnels reviews will give you the pros and cons without having used the apps or software.

I’ve been in the trenches, tested each app on the platform and the reality is…

There are downsides and upsides with using a beta software, but mostly positive especially on the free plan.

As you can tell from my initial experience with using Groovefunnels, it wasn’t all roses in the beginning.

So here’s the strengths and weaknesses as of April 2021 since there are so many new updates:


  • The free base plan has enough apps and features for you to start an online business
  • GroovePages as a funnel builder is relatively easy to use once you understand the basics
  • One-click integrations to connect your domains with SSL (you no longer need to use Cloudflare)
  • You can integrate with the most popular email marketing providers
  • There are integrations with other third party software like zapier
  • The platinum lifetime is a incredible lifetime deal with long term savings
  • GroovePages and GrooveBlog load extremely fast, SEO friendly and fully responsive
  • GrooveMember makes it easy to sell digital products and online courses in a secure members area
  • You can connect your payment gateway easily and sell products quickly
  • You earn 40% affiliate commission on the platinum lifetime plan for life
  • You earn 20% affiliate commission on the free base plan for life
  • In my opinion, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate alone on the free plan is worth at least $99 per month because that’s what other companies are currently charging
  • You can setup joint venture contracts with other members with a click of a button
  • By listing your products on Groove’s marketplace (like ClickBank), you can leverage their half a million user base and attract an army of affiliates
  • Regular live digital marketing training from industry veterans that you would normally pay $$$
  • The community is HUGE! Every time someone posts a question, there’s always a helpful answer.
  • Bugs are ironed out quickly and with new feature requests added regularly
  • They’re constantly updating the user interface to make it more user friendly


  • It’s in beta, can be buggy especially when they are updating an existing app (patience is key here)
  • Advanced features aren’t available straight away when an app is released
  • If you are use to using Clickfunnels, its harder to import your existing funnels because ClickFunnels knows people are moving to GrooveFunnels and are blocking their IP
  • A LOT of people promoting GrooveFunnels affiliate program and hyping it up so it looks like a multi-level marketing scheme or scam (when it’s not!)
  • GrooveFunnels internal training is not up to date as they update the apps so frequently
  • Support tickets are not answered quickly which is the biggest issue – my suggestion is to use their live chat during business hours.

Is GrooveFunnels Legitimate or a Scam?

is groovefunnels worth it

Groove is a legitimate software development company, and whilst it may look like the new kid on the block.

It’s founded by veterans who have decades of experience in building successful digital marketing software.

The man behind GrooveFunnels is also the creator of multi-million dollar software companies like Kartra, Webinarjam, and Everwebinar.

That man’s name is Mike Filsaime and he is the CEO of GrooveFunnels.

Mike Filsaime pioneered ‘viral marketing’ back in 2006 with the launch of Butterfly Marketing.

He’s using the very same viral marketing strategy to growth hack GrooveFunnels into the fastest growing funnel building platform in the world.

GrooveFunnels is legitimate and not a scam, it’s a software as a service company with over 500,000 users on their platform as of February 2021.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Summary – Is It Worth It?

If you asked me whether GrooveFunnels was worth the money back in May 2020, I would have said hold on to your wallet and just sign up to the free plan.

However given their app development, new features and additional apps – even in beta, my answer has changed to a definite YES.

The platform is fairly easy to use once you dig into it but please visit to my Youtube channel first and watch my training to get a feel of a platform.

I post so much step-by-step training there to help everyone out and I would appreciate it if you signed up through my referral link as I have bonuses through my link here.

The sales funnel templates and regular live digital marketing trainings are really helpful for beginners.

So if you’re paying a fortune in marketing tools per month with a long term view….

Tired of sticking-taping different services together and making them “talk” to each other….

Then the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal is incredible offer that you’ll end up kicking yourself for not taking it up.

Just be aware that it is in BETA, it requires patience and some elbow grease to learn the apps.

In time as they develop all 19+ apps, you can run your entire business on GrooveFunnels Platinum without having to buy separate software subscriptions.

If you were to compare the cost of ClickFunnels to GrooveFunnels, you would be paying $3,564 in yearly subscription fees (with access to less features).

Even on Kartra’s starter plan of $99/month, that’s still $1000 in yearly subscription fees.

Back in May 2020, when I purchased lifetime access – they only offerred 16 apps and $16,000 in yearly savings.

Now you get lifetime access to 19+ apps with more features, more bonuses and $17,000+ in yearly savings.

After 10 months of using GrooveFunnels, creating a bunch of free GrooveFunnels training on Youtube and seeing how they continuously updated the platform….

I do believe that Groovefunnels platinum lifetime is a great long term investment and sincerely hope that they deliver on their promise.

Best GrooveFunnels Bonuses For Lifetime Package

Looking for more valuable GrooveFunnels bonuses before you get started?

By the way, it’s Aimee Vo here. I purchased the lifetime deal and wrote this GrooveFunnels Review because I couldn’t find any solid reviews on the platform.

I also post helpful Groovefunnels tutorials and training on my Youtube channel and have $3000+ worth of bonuses for you!

As a thankyou for upgrading through me, let me show you the exclusive bonuses you’ll be getting here.

Aimee Vo - Groovefunnel bonuses

Best GrooveFunnels Bonuses – The Ultimate Funnel Package

If you scrolled down here and happen to be in a hurry to get started with GrooveFunnels, I’ll add the special link below for you below (it will open in a new tab).

GrooveFunnels will help you set up sales funnels but what about getting quality traffic to your website to generate leads or sales?

You’ll need a step-by-step blueprint to make sure that you’re not wasting any of your time.

Don’t worry as I’ve got you covered with my first super bonus.

GrooveFunnels Bonus #1: Google Ads Boot Camp Course ($1297 Value)

You’re going to get access to my super secret Google Ads Bootcamp course.

This course is WORTH $997 and is from real world life experience of making $10,000 worth in affiliate commissions on a small budget.

I have personally spent weeks recording every video showing you my step-by-step process on getting traffic to your offers.

This is the EXACT strategy I used to make $6,410 in GrooveFunnels Affiliate commissions in less than 20 days. 

If you’ve seen any of my training on Youtube, you’ll know I don’t beat around the bush and this course is no different.

This course is worth more than 10 bonuses put together and it is a priceless skill that you can apply to any online and offline business you pursue.

This is the first time I’m revealing how to get to the top of Google while paying the least amount per click…

Even though it’s geared towards affiliate marketing… you know what?

I’ve used the EXACT same process to generate leads for local business owners, promote my own products and services and sell digital products online.

Google search traffic is one of the highest traffic sources online – Stop chasing customers and let them find you at the top of Google with their credit card in hand.

I don’t sell this course online, it’s exclusively for Groovefunnels members who have signed up to a free account using this special link.

Checkout the below screenshot below to see what you’ll get in the course:

groovefunnels bonuses

That’s not all you’ll be getting too as the bonuses will just keep getting better.

This next super bonus will save you a ton of time, effort, and money because you don’t need to build funnels yourself. Let me show you what I mean.

GrooveFunnels Bonus #2: Done-For-You Bridge & Lead Generation Funnel Templates ($497 Value)

groovefunnels bonus 2

Use my done-for-you GroovePages bridge page and lead generation funnel templates to save time and money.

You don’t have to hire a funnel designer, use these templates to build your email list from free traffic or drive paid traffic to generate leads.

These are simple funnel pages but I personally use them for my own marketing campaigns.

You get access to these pre-design landing pages and lead generation funnel templates:

  • Template #1: Bridge Page without an opt-in form – Use this template when you want to warm up your lead and pre-sell an affiliate product without collecting their email. This helps increase conversions and creating a retargeting audience.
  • Template #2: Lead generation with opt-in and thankyou page – This template has been used for free traffic and paid traffic, it works in both scenarios. Use this template to build your email list and generate leads and follow up with an email autoresponder or sequence.
  • Template #3:  Lead generation with two columns opt-in and thankyou page – This template has been used for free traffic and paid traffic, it works in both scenarios. Use this template to build your email list and generate leads when you want your information to be above the fold where the user doesn’t have to scroll as much.

Just make a few changes to your copy, swap out the image to your own, connect your email marketing provider and you’re good to go!

GrooveFunnels Bonus #3: 6 Months of Weekly Pre-Written Email Swipe Files ($697 Value)

Writing emails is a necessity because the money is in the email follow up.

So if you promote or sell digital products, have a online course or membership sute..

You NEED these pre-written weekly email swipe files to follow up with your prospects and customers.

You can have pretty sales funnels but if you don’t have follow-up emails, you’re leaving money on the table.

When it comes to writing engaging emails, there are dozens of amateur mistakes waiting to trap your success by boring your readers and letting your offers go to the spam box.

Knowing what to write in emails is HARD especially when you’re not a professional copywriter.

Professional copywriters charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for writing engaging emails that get opened and clicked on.

What are in these emails?

  • High converting email copy: Utilize the art of persuasion through words to engage your prospects and increase your open rates and click through rates.
  • Spam-proof emails: never again worry about your emails going to the spam folder, these pre-written email swipes increases your email delivery rate.

Use these emails to get people to binge read or watch your content and have them take action!

Grab one email or use ALL of the pre-written emails provided and schedule them out for the next 6 months!

Save loads of time, nurture your prospects and customers on auto-pilot using the power of emails.

Copywriting is not my forte so I’ve hired a professional copywriter to write these emails and screened them personally.

All you need to do is copy, paste, tweak and send!

GrooveFunnels Bonus #4: Earn Extra Income With 130+ Lifetime Commission Affiliate Programs ($197 Value)

Whether you’re selling an online course or have your own products and services, you can always do with more income.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to supplement your online income and business.

New and advanced marketers promote affiliate programs that have recurring lifetime commissions NOT one-off products.

Affiliate marketing is passive income, scalable, no customer support, no expensive startup costs or inventory and location independent.

Look at the top entrepreneurs or marketers in the industry who have their own products, courses and programs.

You know how they make money every month in addition to selling their programs?

They’re increasing their income by promoting the tools they using to run their online business. More often than not, these tools and softwares have an affiliate program.

I’ve done the hard work for you and spent time researching, filtering and collating the best 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs you can promote to supplement your income. 

GrooveFunnels Bonus #5: Million Dollar Facebook Ad Swipe File ($297 Value)

groovefunnels bonus 4

These are the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet marketers are running to generate over $1 million in sales.

Use the ads in this swipe file for market research and inspiration for your own ads or when writing copy.

Save hours of competitor spying and model off the giants who have already made it online.

See their ad copy and study the copy that these top marketers are using to run profitable campaigns.

This will help you figure out what hook, story, and irresistible offer they are using to make people STOP and pay attention.

GrooveFunnels Bonus #6: How To Hire A KickAss Virtual Assistant Training ($347 Value)

groovefunnels bonus 5

There is only ONE of you and 24 hours in the day. You can’t do everything on your own.

If you don’t start outsourcing tedious jobs, eventually you’ll get burnt out and give up.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I spent years working on my own and the moment I got a virtual assistant, my income sky rocketed.

I was able to focus on my zone of genius and perform more of the money making activities.

You can get a virtual assistant for as low as $25 per day, working 8 hour per day for you.

Trust me, you’ll never run out of tasks to give to your assistant.

Here are the tasks you can give to your assistant to free up your time:

  • Gather market research from your competitors, their keywords, sale copy and funnel pages before you create content or build out your own funnels
  • Create sales funnels – as a bonus for the free plan, you’ll receive my Groovefunnels training course that shows you step-by-step videos on how to create your sales funnels inside of Groove. Give this training to your assistant and have him or her create your funnels for you
  • Design social media images, write up post copy and post them on your social media pages for you.
  • Update your blog posts, add tags and images to your blog posts
  • Design infographics or videos for you to upload on Pinterest or Youtube. 
  • Transcribing your videos or other people’s video and audio files
  • Formatting ebooks, pdf and reports you give away
  • Data mining, building email lists and cleaning up databases
  • Moderating blog comments and social media comments
  • Basic bookkeeping on MYOB, XERO and Quickbooks
  • Do personal errands like purchasing gifts online, filling out forms and more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically, whatever content you can imagine sharing through your website or sales funnels, a virtual assistant can help you create it.

Get my video training and messaging templates that I used to hire a VA for a fraction of the cost.

More importantly, the process I use to filter down applicants and hire a high-performing VA who gets stuff done!

GrooveFunnels Bonus #7: Highly Profitable Niche List ($97 Value)

groovefunnels bonus 6

Finding and choosing a profitable niche is ONE of the most important things you need to get RIGHT from the start.

Being in an unprofitable niche sucks because you could have spent the countless hours making money elsewhere.

I’ve been in the marketing, dating, health, local business, consumer goods, financial, home crafts niche and more!

I’ve implemented small and large campaign in several niches over the last decade so you tend to know which niches are profitable.

Here’s the secret… the most profitable niches to start an online business in is: 

  • health
  • wealth and
  • relationships

Well it’s not so secret 🙂

But the above niches are mass market niches that have tough competition. The key is to finding various sub-niches within these huge niches to get a piece of the action.

In this profitable niche list, you’ll find specific examples of profitable sub-niches and hobbies you can go after that make make bank.

Here’s how you can get access to all of these bonuses I’m offering to you:

1. Signup through this special link for a FREE account First before upgrading

2. Once you click on the above links, you will arrive to the free sign up page.

  • Click the pink “get started for free” button and look for my referral id underneath the checkout form.
  • I added a red rectangle around it in the screenshot below:
groovefunnel bonuses
  • In case it’s hard to see, my referrer ID is: v3482

If you see my referral id underneath the “Get Free Access” button, you’re good to go.

3. After your sign up to the free account, login to the GrooveFunnels dashboard.

  • I added a screenshot down below that shows you what it will look like:
groovefunnels dashboard

4. See those two pink “Upgrade” buttons on the left panel or on the top right?

  • Click on the Upgrade button.

5. You will then arrive on the page that explains the GrooveFunnels lifetime upgrade.

  • Click on the yellow “Upgrade to Platinum Lifetime” button
  • Choose the payment plan that works best for you

Just make sure that you see my referrer ID again when you check out.

I added a red rectangle around it in the screenshot below:

groovefunnels lifetime bonuses
  • If you see my referral id v3482 then great.
  • If you don’t see my id, you will need to clear your cache and use my direct upgrade link here
  • Once again, check again to see if my id has appeared.

After you purchase, simply send me an email to say that you upgraded on my contact page here.

Make sure you forward me you receipt for proof of purchase as well.

Here’s the important GrooveFunnels link again:

I don’t like it when using fake scarcity but the truth is that this lifetime deal isn’t going to last forever.

The lifetime price may stays the same for the next couple of months…. but they’ll reduce the number of emails you get on the lifetime plan or increase the price as time goes by.

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to read about my Groovefunnels review on the lifetime deal.

With all the new apps and recent developments, I know you’ll enjoy GrooveFunnels, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

GrooveFunnels FAQs 🤔

Since I post so many GrooveFunnels training videos on Youtube, here are the most frequently asked questions about GrooveFunnels:

When will all the apps be available?

GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveKart are available however the remaining apps will be released throughout 2021. They’re aiming to have ALL apps released by 1st Jan 2021.

When will GrooveFunnels go out of beta?

December 31st 2021 or early January 2022.

Who is behind GrooveFunnels?

Mike Filsaime is the CEO of GrooveDigital, which owns GrooveFunnels. He is a veteran and leader in the online marketing world. He’s also a consultant, author, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer.

Co-founders of the business include John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Serralta.

What will GrooveFunnel’s pricing be after the Lifetime Deal ends?

The lifetime price will increase to $1997 in April 2021 and will most likely last until 31st December 2021 (subject to change). After GrooveFunnels comes out of beta, it switches to a monthly pricing model:

  • Free Plan may no longer be available
  • $99/month for the Silver Plan
  • $199/month for the Gold Plan
  • $299/month for the Platinum Plan.

What’s the difference between websites and funnels?

In GroovePages, you design all your websites pages under the “pages” tab. You create your funnel pages ie opt-in page, thankyou page etc in the “funnels tab” which means you can have 1 website and as many funnels as you like in 1 project. For the Free Plan, you can essentially build 3 projects for free. On lifetime, it’s unlimited.

Can I share my funnels and receive funnels shared to me?

Yes, on the free plan you can only share 1 funnel and import 5 share funnels from others. On the platinum lifetime plan, it’s unlimited sharing and importing funnels.

Is there FREE SSL certificate?

Yes, Free SSL is installed automatically when you connect your custom domain. This is handle by GrooveFunnels’s Cloudflare account however you do not need to open a separate Cloudflare account.

How many email contacts do I get on the platinum lifetime plan?

On the Free Plan, up to 500 email contacts. For lifetime access, early on they gave up to 25,000 email contacts now it’s reduced to 10,000 email contacts.

Can I import my existing email contacts from another email provider?

Only on the lifetime platinum plan, the import feature is scheduled to be released in May 2021.

What Email Marketing and Integrations can I add to GrooveFunnels

ActiveCampaign, Aweber, CampaignMonitor, WebForm, Everwebinar, GetResponse, GotoWebinar, Leadlovers, Mailchimp, Mautic, Perkizilla, Pipedrive, ProductDyno, Sendiio, WebinarJam and Zapier. You can also use webhooks or embed forms to embed code from other software. More integrations are being added on a regular basis.

Are the membership sites password protected?

Yes, students and members receive their username and password to a protected login link.

How many membership sites or online courses can I create?

On the free plan, you can create 1 membership site or course. On the platinum lifetime plan, it’s unlimited membership sites and courses.

Can I create membership tiers and drip out membership content?

Yes, you can create as many membership tiers as you like. For example, you can have a silver, gold and platinum plan and enable access in GrooveMember’s configuration. You can also drip out content at specific dates and timeframes once a user sign ups.

Can I host my membership content like videos and files in GrooveFunnels?

Yes, you can upload pdf or image files in GrooveMember and add it inside your membership. For Videos, you will upload your video files in GrooveVideo and embed that video in GrooveMember. On the free plan you can upload 15 videos on GrooveVideos and unlimited videos with a total of 100GB on lifetime plan.

Can I create a school or login portal like Teachable?

Yes this is managed in GrooveMember via “Portals”, you can create as many portals as you like. This acts as a page where your students can see all of your available courses but only access the courses they have purchased.

Will GrooveFunnels have page analytics and A / B split-testing

Yes, analytics is already available however split testing funnel is schedule towards the end of 2021.

Can I white label GroovePages or GrooveFunnels?

No, unless you’re a major influencer will mass reach.

Can I use GrooveFunnels for my digital Agency?

At this stage no, however Groove will be releasing an agency feature once they are out of beta – if you’re interested, it’s best to purchase their platinum lifetime plan as there will be bonus considerations for existing GrooveFunnel members who are agency owners.

What payment gateways can I integrate?

Paypal, Stripe,, NMI, Braintree and GroovePay. You can apply for a merchant account with GrooveFunnels – this service is called GroovePay.

What is GroovePay?

Groovepay is Groovefunnels’ own payment gateway as processing payments is as low as 2.85% + 0.25% for USA. There are No Application fees, No Monthly PCI Fees, No Monthly Statement Fees, No Annual Fees, No Minimum Monthly Processing Fees, No Cancellation Fees, Flat Rate Pricing.

Can I accept payment in different currencies?

Yes, when you create a product in GrooveSell you can select the following currencies: USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, SEK, SGD, BRL, MXN, PHP, INR, MYR, PLN, BGN & DKK. More currencies to be released at a later date.

Can I create coupon voucher or discounts?

Yes you can create a coupon code in GrooveSell for your products, services or online courses and assign a dollar discount or percentage discount off your product’s price.

Can I create an affiliate program for my own products and services?

Yes, you can create unlimited affiliate programs on GrooveSell and manage all your affiliates on GrooveAffiliate even on the free plan. The benefits of this is that you can list your affiliate program on Groovefunnels’ marketplace which is the equivalent of Clickbank.

What Kind of Tracking Links Can I Create?

You can create affiliate tracking links, page tracking links and checkout cart tracking links.

GrooveFunnels Review Summary

GrooveFunnels is more than just a page and sales funnel builder. Their lifetime plan includes 19+ apps and has the potential to supersede ClickFunnels. They're looking to go out of beta in Jan 2022. 50% of their apps are currently available, with the remaining in development. There are upsides and downsides with using a beta software however as an early adopter, you can be the first mover and save a lifetime of fees.

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