GrooveVideo Review: Private Video Hosting Platform

GrooveVideo Features

GrooveVideo lets you host your online course videos, membership content, video sales letters or any private videos with customizable control players and thumbnails.

It’s like having your own Vimeo and Wistia within the Groove’s eco-system.

1. Interactive Video Elements

Here are the interactive video elements you can add to your videos:

  1. Add opt-in forms to unlock your video – this adds an opt-in form to unlock the video before they get to watch your video.
  2. Add banner images within your video – adds a banner image on the bottom right of your video and you can set the time at which it appears.
  3. Add text overlay on top of your video – adds a lower third text overlay on top of your video.
  4. Add a CTA banner within your video – add a lower third clickable call to action button that is linked to any URL you set.

2. Custom Thumbnails & Watermarks

You can upload your own custom thumbnails and watermark your videos.

Just select the position of where your water is to be displayed over your video.

3. Responsive Video Size & Video Settings

You can set your video size to be responsive to the viewer’s screen size (great for mobile devices).

The following video settings are also available:

  • Show video player controls
  • Mute video on start
  • Autoplay video on load
  • Show play button and show play button on pause
  • Select play button styles from library or upload your own icon
  • Show play button animation style
  • Select play button icon size

4. Select Video Control Colors

GrooveVideo comes with a default pink color for the play button and video control player.

If you have your own brand colors, changing the color is easy – just enter in the hex color code.

5. Video Storage & Video Encoder

GrooveVideo Video Storage & Video Encoder
If you’re a Groovefunnels platinum lifetime customer, you don’t need to connect video storage like Amazon s3 or a video encoder.

If you’re on the free plan and surpassed your 15 video limit, you can connect Amazon s3 and video encoders like to upload more videos.

6. Embed GrooveVideos & Share Videos Easily

Embed GrooveVideos & Share Videos Easily

Once you upload your videos on GrooveVideo, you can copy the embed code and embed your video on any page.

Embed videos on GroovePages, WordPress or any page builder – literally any place.

You can share the video hosted page URL or share the source file URL so that people can download the mp4 file.

7. Video Analytics

GrooveVideo analytics show the following data:

  • Impressions
  • Unique views
  • Total video finishes
  • Total watch time in seconds
  • Date video uploaded

It’s limited right now however more analytics will be added in 2022.

GrooveVideo Pros & Cons


  • Free account members can upload up to 15 videos for free.
  • Great video elements to generate leads and engage viewers
  • A lot of video settings to choose from
  • Customization of colors and brand


  • Limited analytics

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GrooveVideo Frequent Asked Questions

What is the difference between / GrooveFunnels and GrooveVideo? is the parent brand for all the groove apps – GrooveVideo is an app within Groove’s platform. GrooveVideo is their video hosting platform similar to Vimeo and Wistia where you can host your videos privately.

Since GrooveVideo is as an app within the Groove CRM platform, please read my Groove lifetime review.

Can I embed GrooveVideos on any Page?

Yes, use the GrooveVideo embed code and embed the html code on any web page

Does GrooveVideo integrate with GroovePages

Yes, use the GrooveVideo element on GroovePages to embed your GrooveVideos

Does GrooveVideo integrate with GrooveMember

Not at this stage, you will need to use the GrooveVideo embed code and embed it on GrooveMember through an “code embed” element

Can I watermark my videos on GrooveVideo?

Yes, you can add any image and watermark your videos hosted on GrooveVideo

Can I add my own custom thumbnail on GrooveVideo?

Yes, you can design your own custom thumbnail image and upload it on GrooveVideo for each video

Are GrooveVideos size responsive?

Yes they are! You can set a fixed video size or responsive size.

Can I change the video control players on GrooveVideo

Yes, you decide to show the video control players ON or OFF and you can customize the color of the player.

Do I need to connect Amazon s3?

For free account members, you will need to connect your Amazon s3 however lifetime members won’t need to add Amazon s3 accounts.

groovefunnels review banner

GrooveVideo Review Verdict by Aimee

Your Free GrooveFunnels account allows you to upload up to 15 videos for FREE (however you will need to connect an Amazon s3 account). The video elements within GrooveVideo are cool because you can add call to action buttons and opt-in forms within the video player itself. However, the biggest value of GrooveVideo is in the lifetime plan where can upload and host up to 100GB of video content.

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