GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate Program Summary

What is is an all-in-one marketing and sales management platform with 19+ apps including: a website and sales funnel builder, affiliate management software, sales platform, membership site creation, video hosting, blogging platform, email marketing, eCommerce platform, social proof and more!

Groovefunnels affiliate program

Commission rate:

  • Free members earn 20% on tier 1 commission and 5% on tier 2 commissions
  • Paid members earn 40% on tier 1 commission and 10% on tier 2 commissions

Cookie duration: lifetime

*To be eligible to earn 40% affiliate commission, you will need to upgrade to the GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime plan. Please note that Groove will be revising their affiliate commission rates soon! Read my review here for full details.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Explained + Tutorial

How The Affiliate Program Works

Affiliate Commission Rates

  • Affiliates with a Free GrooveFunnels account earn 20% commission on 1st tier and 5% on 2nd tier referrals
  • Affiliates with a Paid or Lifetime GrooveFunnels account earn 40% commission on 1st tier and 10% on 2nd tier referrals

I’ll cover what 2nd tier referrals mean in a moment.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

At the time of writing this review, Groove has two payment options and it’s only for their lifetime package:

  • a one-time payment of $1397
  • and five monthly payments of $497

Let’s do some simple maths.

Assuming that most people purchase the one-time payment of $1397:

  • On your free account you will earn $279 per sale
  • With a paid or lifetime account you will earn $559 per sale.

Now obviously if someone decides to pay five monthly installments of $497 dollars, you’ll earn more as you can see in the table above.

This is because on the monthly plan, users are paying $1000 more than the one time payment of $1397.

I would go on the assumption that most people would like to save money and a majority of your commissions will either be $279 or $559 depending on your plan.

GrooveFunnels Earnings Potential

Many affiliates have made tens of thousands from GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

I personally have made five figures from GrooveFunnels affiliate program and that’s using various strategies like SEO, paid traffic and social media.

Here are just some of my weekly payouts from Groove:

However let’s be real here, you can’t put out your affiliate link online and expect instant sales.

Making money from Groove is definitely possible but it also require consistent work in either running ads, content creation and nurturing your free sign ups.

Since Groove only has a lifetime payment plan, you may get many sign ups but lower conversions.

On the plus side, if someone decides to pay the monthly plan in the future instead of the lifetime price – you’ll earn recurring income.

Keep reading to learn about my affiliate marketing framework below.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Price Increases

Groove is planning to increase their lifetime price from $1397 to $2497 in 3 increments.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact dates of the price increase.

Nor has there been any official dates of the price increase announcement from Groove Digital yet.

All I know is that the price will creep up to $2497 by the end of the year OR until Groove goes out of BETA.

Let’s assume that the next price increase will be $1697:

Groovefunnels price increase

With a free groovefunnels account, you’ll earn $339 and with a paid account you’ll earn $679.

When Groove increases their price to $2497, you’ll earn more as you can see below however the window of time to promote Groove could only be a few months before they go out of BETA.

groovefunnels affiliate program price increase commission

Two-Tier Affiliate Commissions

Groove also pays you 5-10% in second tier affiliate commissions and it stops at this level.

Which means that if you’re an affiliate on the Free account and someone signs up through your affiliate link, and they too decided to promote Groove – you will receive an additional 5% commission which is $70.

2nd tier affiliate commission on groovefunnels affiliate program

But if you’re an affiliate on the paid or lifetime account, you’ll will receive an additional 10% which is $140.

2nd tier commission on paid or lifetime account

One thing to note here is that this doesn’t mean that your referrals receive 10% less, they will receive their full 20% or 40% affiliate commission so everyone wins.

Affiliate Commissions When Groove Is Out Of BETA

Once Groove is out of BETA or decides to switch to monthly payment plans, it’s recurring income every month (as long as that user stays on their plan).

Which means the lifetime plan will no longer be available and there will be 2 monthly plans:

  • $99 per month on silver
  • and $299 per month on Platinum

Depending whether you’re on the free or paid account, you will receive different monthly commissions as you can see in the table below:

grooveaffiliate commissions on monthly plan
  • On top of that, you will also receive an additional 5-10% of second tier commissions if you have people who signed up under you but also promote GrooveFunnels.

Each plan will have access to different apps and feature limits:

groove monthly plans after beta

Two Opportunities To Promoting GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

  • Promoting lifetime deal where you receive high ticket commissions OR
  • Receiving recurring income when Groove goes out of BETA and switches to the monthly paid plans

How To Find Your Groove Affiliate Links

  • Login to your groovefunnels account
  • Click on the “Groove Affiliate Program” button on the top of the dashboard:
Groovefunnels affiliate dashboard
  • You’ll see a video from Mike Filsaime explaining how the program works
  • Scroll down under Promo Tools and click on “Links”:
Groovefunnels affiliate promo tools - links
  • You will see all your promotional links that direct people to different promotional pages:
groovefunnels affiliate promotion pages
  • There’s also a bunch of affiliate tools you can use like seeing your statistics, email swipes, blog reviews, articles banner ads, social media ads and more:
Groovefunnels affiliate promo tools

GrooveAffiliate App Dashboard

My preference is to use the GrooveAffiliate App to arrive at the affiliate dashboard:

grooveaffiliate app dashboard
  • Make sure under “View”, you’re on the Affiliate view (not vendor view)
  • Click on “Promos” tab and you have the same tools available like links and promo tools

Adding Bonuses To GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

  • In “Promos” tab again, click on the present icon as per the image below
  • This is where you’ll be able to add bonuses when someone signs up to their free groovefunnels account or lifetime account.
adding groovefunnels bonuses when someone sign up to your affiliate links
  • Now I made a training where I show you how to add bonuses in GrooveAffiliate and it’s available within your bonus training.
  • What I also like in the GrooveAffiliate view is when you click on “Reporting” and click on “Transactions”
Groovefunnels affiliate reporting
  • You can click on date and select “All time” and you’ll see details of who signed up to through your affiliate link with first name, how much they paid as well as their email.
Groovefunnels affiliate reporting
  • If you go back to “Reporting” and click on “Sub Affiliates”, this will give you a snapshot of your downline – so how many people who signed up to your account but also promoted the affiliate program.
groovefunnels affiliate sub affilaites

How Do You Get Paid?

  • Make sure you’re still in the GrooveAffiliate app, click on “Settings”
  • Under “General”, this is where you can change your username
  • Under “Payment”, this is where you can enter your PayPal account or click on “Wire” to enter the bank account details of where you like your affiliate payouts to go to.
How to get paid on groovefunnels affiliate program

When Do You Get Paid?

This where I see a lot of confusion over and here’s their payment schedule:

  • Groove pays out their affiliates on a weekly basis
  • However your commissions are released 37-42 days AFTER a sale is made
  • There’s a 37-47 day buffer period for Groove to handle any potential refunds
  • Once this period is passed, you can expect your commissions to be paid
  • TIP: Use the “Reporting” tab in GrooveAffiliate app and select the timeframe to determine the date of sale and add 37-42 days to get an estimate date of when you will be paid.

Groove Affiliate Assist

What this means is let’s say someone signed up to their free account through YOUR link, if that person upgrades to a paid account through SOMEONE else’s link…

Because the other affiliate helped closed the sale, the affiliate commission is split 50/50.

How To Promote GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Read Groove’s affiliate terms and conditions – this tells you which promotional methods are accepted. For example, you can’t use any negative keywords like “scam” in your reviews.

However you can bid on branded keywords if you choose to run Bing or Google Ads.

Now everyone will have their own preference of promoting Groovefunnels.

I’ve seen people successfully promote Groove like:

  • Making Youtube videos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Starting a Facebook Group
  • Driving traffic through social Media organically like from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • Running Ads on FB, Instagram, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Bing Ads
  • and the list goes on and on…

Since there are so many affiliate marketing courses out there, one person will be telling you to use one specific strategy and another person telling you something else.

It’s basically business, just realize that everyone will have their own agenda if they’re trying to sell you a course on how to make money online.

I don’t have a specific marketing strategy for you because there are so many strategies that you can apply.

What I like to give you as an Affiliate marketing framework.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Marketing Framework

GrooveFunnels affiliate program

Here’s how the affiliate marketing framework works:

1.USE: Use the Groove apps, get familiar with what each app can and cannot do. If you don’t know what you’re selling and how to use it, how can you possibly help answer people’s questions

2. WHO: Who do you want to serve? Determine the target audience that will benefit from Groove’s platform – are they local businesses, agencies, coaches, network marketers, eCommerce store owners etc

3. PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS: Once you know your target audience, create a list of their problems and challenges and ask yourself can the Groove Platform help them solve these problems.

You can find these problems on Facebook groups and YouTube comments etc. READ THEM, people will tell you their needs and challenges (and use it on your landing page copy).

4. WHERE: Where is your target audience? Meaning which traffic platforms is your target audience on that you are most comfortable using or have experience using.

Examples of WHERE:

  • Facebook – You like being on Facebook so connect with people in FB Groups or build your own Facebook Group
  • Youtube – You like watching Youtube videos so make educational video series on Youtube and NO you don’t need a good webcam, you can use to record your screen and you talking
  • Instagram or Pinterest – You’re great at graphic design so use to design images and post to Instagram or pin to Pinterest.

Know yourself deeply

If you’re not a social person and introverted, then you may not like networking on Facebook.

Even if you try it, you might find that you don’t like it and will give up easily.

Choose a platform that suits you and your skills. 

Start off with one platform and commit to it for at least 6 months – don’t spread yourself too thin by being everywhere when you’re a one person operation.

The more you understand that traffic platform and it’s nuances, the easier it is for you to test out new ideas, hooks and angles

5. HOOK / ANGLE: Once you know where your target audience is hanging out online, the next step is crafting a hook or angle to attract your target audience. Then ask yourself is this hook or angle something that will help my target audience solve their problems?

6. RESULT: Once you have your target audience’s attention with the hook or angle, what RESULTS can they achieve with Groove?

For example, one of the problems with Shopify is buying all these apps and the monthly fees to run a online store adds up. GrooveKart has a bunch of in-built free app they can use without added monthly fees.

You’re solving the problem of paying large monthly fees when they can save the cost of running an online store by switching to GrooveKart.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program by Aimee Vo

GrooveFunnels Affiliate program is worth promoting. Currently it has a lifetime price and you can earn $558 per sale. After the lifetime deal ends, you will earn 40% recurring commissions for LIFE from their $99 or $299 per month plans.

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Operating System: Web

Application Category: SaaS

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