GroovePages Responsive Design Styling & Formatting

If you’re having trouble getting your mobile responsive design looking good on GroovePages

And you notice that your spacing and margin is out of whack, then you need to read this article.

This article and accompanying video will save you so much time and headaches when you’re building out your GroovePages landing pages.

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This ONE Tip Will Save You Hours of Frustration

The ONE major tip is this:

Design your landing pages on Desktop view until your COMPLETELY finished, then edit mobile view last.

To really understand this concept, watch my video explanation below:

The key here is to STOP switching back and forth between the desktop and mobile device view while you’re building out your pages.

Trust me on this process, you want to ignore editing the mobile UNTIL the very end.

Keep styling your pages from the Desktop View so that all content, images, spacing and margin is carried across ALL devices.

When you have completely finished editing the desktop view, then switch to editing mobile.

When you watch the above video, you’ll see the dilemma you’ll run through when you’re trying to edit both device views at the same time.

You’ll find that you’ll keep changing spacing and text sizes….

Then you’ve forgotten what mobile specific changes you made because kept switching back and forth between the desktop and mobile view.


It’s going to very very painful.

Please just add all your content, images, spacing and margin on desktop until you’re COMPLETELY FINISHED.

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