GrooveSell Sales Tracking & Social Proof Widget Tutorial

If you started using GrooveSell to sell your digital products and services online, then you will need to track your sales.

When you finish creating your product funnel in GrooveSell, you will be given a sales tracking code.

By embedding your sales sales tracking code, you will be able to view your sales analytics through GrooveSell.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to add this code on to your GroovePages website or sales page.

Plus you’ll learn how to add your social proof widget since as it helps with increasing conversions.

With your free GrooveFunnels account, you create unlimited shopping carts and sell unlimited products free.

Since GrooveSell is part of the GrooveFunnels platform, you might want to read my review on GrooveFunnels.

GrooveSell Social Proof Widget

If you chose to add a social proof widget when creating your product funnel, you will be given a code for this as well.

By adding a social proof widget on your sales page, new visitors will see social proof of who recently bought the same product.

How To Add GrooveSell Sales Tracking & Social Proof Widget Tutorial

Adding A GrooveSell Sales Tracking Link On GroovePages

  • To follow along in this training, you would have created your product funnel. If you don’t know how to do this, watch my GrooveSell tutorial here.
  • Once you’ve created your product funnel, you will be given your GrooveSell tracking link as well as your social proof widget code.
  • Open your GroovePages and leave the tab open.
  • Open up another tab and head to the GrooveSell app
  • Click on “Product Funnels” on the left tab and select the product you want to manage.
  • Under “Actions”, click on “Manage Products”.
GrooveSell product funnel tab
  • Locate your course or product name and click on the pencil icon.
edit groovesell product
  • To skip the other process, click on step “11. Finish”.
step 11. Groovesell tracking code
  • See how it says “Paste this code in the body section of the product sales page”.
  • Under Tracking Link, copy the link.
groovesell tracking code
  • Head back to GroovePages, click on “Pages” and select your sales page
  • Click on the three dots then choose “Edit settings”.
groovepages edit settings
  • Scroll all the way down where it says “Code Includes (tracking, GA, etc.)”.
  • And you want to paste in the tracking code in the second box.
  • Hit enter on the keyboard so that you’re entering a new line.

Adding Social Proof Widget On GroovePages

  • Head back to GrooveSell again and copy the Social proof widget link.
  • Then go back to GroovePages and in the same area just paste in your proof widget code.  
  • Click on the pink check icon on the top of the tab.
code includes

Publishing GroovePage

  • Head to “Publish” on the top right panel and then “Publish” again on the right column .  

Viewing Proof Widget and Page Stats

  • Now when you drive traffic you should see your stats here in the stats tab.  
  • You can also see further stats within your GrooveSell dashboard to manage your sales and customer orders.
Page stats
  • Below you will find an example page of the social proof widget popping over on the bottom left corner.
proof widget

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